Bright Pattern™ integrates next-gen Bright Pattern™ cloud contact center with salesforce CRM, unifying call center communications with CRM. With integration between cloud contact center and Salesforce, your business will benefit from flexible communications with a complete customer view.

San Bruno, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

Bright Pattern Inc., a provider of the B™ next-generation cloud-based contact center solution, has brought communications to CRM as they announced simple and seamless integration with and the platform. The new combined solution allows organizations to maintain a complete view of customer activity and communicate with their customers the way that they choose, such as phone or web chat Bright Pattern™

With the Bright Pattern™ / integration, businesses can give their customers the convenience of self-service, while service agents enjoy a streamlined and conveniently combined user interface. The application activates quickly and easily, allowing businesses to increase sales and customer satisfaction without over-burdening IT.

“Bright Pattern™ is the fusion of voice and customer service applications. Since is the market leader for CRM, this integration is a natural for our API program. With it, we finally deliver the 360-degree view that customers are looking for,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, a CEO, and co-founder of Bright Pattern. “This can help in so many ways; boosting productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and helping to reduce costs.”

Highlights of the integration with include:

  • It is a pre-packaged installation; no custom code is needed
  • Single sign-on saves time and means fewer passwords to memorize
  • Customer information pops up when a call comes in
  • Integration saves time and reduces errors, such as when dialing out
  • Ability to prioritize incoming queue based on SFDC data, such as customer status or revenue potential
  • Supports included softphone browser plugin or SIP phone or any PSTN number for calls

“The future of customer service lies in having a 360-degree view of the customer,” said Esteban Kolsky, founder of thinkJar – customer strategies advisory firm. “The advent of the cloud demands public platforms that deliver integration, performance, scalability, and services to ensure the 360-degree view of the customer. Vendors that cannot deliver this don’t offer compelling enough solutions”

“We are a heavy supporter. Agents struggle when call center technologies and CRM aren’t integrated,” said Mary Cook, COO at CallSocket. “The Bright Pattern / integration will make agents more productive because they won’t have to continually toggle between applications…and even more importantly they can close more sales and satisfy more customers because they have access to all of the information they need in one seamless application.”