Bright Pattern Contact Center for Instant Impact on ROI and CSAT

Bright Pattern, #1 for ROI and fastest to deploy based on BPO customer reviews, is the innovative choice for BPOs trying to grow customer base and digitally transform the customer experience
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South San Francisco, Calif., April 27, 2021 — Bright Pattern, a leading provider of AI-powered cloud contact center software, has been deployed by over two dozen Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) across all global regions. BPOs have continued to partner with Bright Pattern for its ease of use, speed of deployment, speed-to-ROI payback, remote agent capabilities, and the flexibility the platform provides by allowing you to bring your own telco provider, your choice of cloud provider, open APIs, and out-of-the-box integrations to over 50 technology providers.

Bright Pattern’s AI-driven omnichannel contact center software makes providing BPO call center services personalized and easy. Utilize powerful automation and AI tools, customizable APIs in our customer journey builder, and built-in quality management to streamline your business processes and make providing exceptional customer service simple.

Some of the recent BPO use cases on Bright Pattern Contact Center

  • Atento, a leader in the Gartner Customer Service BPO Magic Quadrant, most recently used Bright Pattern to launch a COVID appointment setting hotline with 200 remote agents in less than a day, handling 14,000 calls on day one. The call center is expected to grow by 750% over the next month.
  • BellSystem24, the largest BPO in Japan with over 30,000 agents, uses Bright Pattern to drastically cut call center costs and quickly deploy remote agents. Most recently, BellSystem24 deployed 300 agents in days for a COVID vaccination appointment setting hotline.
  • Everise uses Bright Pattern Contact Center for its largest client including a multi-billion dollar health insurance enterprise and leading multi-state wholesale retail chain. Everise and Bright Pattern successfully deployed AI bots and an AI-powered Conversational IVR to manage 50% of customer interaction volume which had increased due to the pandemic.
  • Ocular Technologies partnered with Bright Pattern to offer the fist cloud-based contact center solution in South Africa. They use Bright Pattern for their innovative customers including a pizza restaurant that wanted to deploy an AI-powered Facebook Messenger bot that allows customers to order pizza by simply sending a pizza emoji.
  • Omni Interactions uses Bright Pattern to power a new paradigm of omnichannel communications for their Fortune 100 customers.
  • The Connection transitioned from a premise-based provider to Bright Pattern and saw an 80% call deflection using self-service IVR and a 33% decrease in average handle time.
  • Transcosmos supports a global network of call centers in the United States, Asia, Central America, and South America using Bright Pattern’s omnichannel solution with powerful skills-based routing to thousands of call center representatives specializing in different languages and cultural nuances.
  • TTEC recently deployed 2000 agents in 10 days on Bright Pattern Contact Center to help one of the largest US banks set up a fully remote contact center for their payroll protection program.
  • UpCom DTS, the largest Chilean BPO with over 1,700 customers, uses Bright Pattern to quickly deploy remote workforces for their clients.
  • VIPdesk uses Bright Pattern to provide an elevated experience to their customers which consists of some of the most iconic luxury brands and retailers, beauty product providers, and consumer electronic companies in North America.
  • Vivax, one of the leading BPOs in Peru, uses Bright Pattern Contact Center to provide omnichannel communications that allows customers to seamlessly switch between channels with the same agent.
  • 80024Support uses Bright Pattern to provide highly technical support. Their agents are highly trained, and specialized routing and omnichannel conversations were necessary when replacing their existing premise-based technology.

“Bright Pattern continues to be the top choice for innovative BPOs,” said Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern. “In our recent BPO deployments, Bright Pattern won the business because there was a need that could not be met by other vendors. Whether it be speed and flexibility in deployment, reliability/scalability, remote agent functionality, omnichannel capabilities, or breadth of integrations, Bright Pattern has been helping BPOs succeed and grow their client base in ways other vendors were not able to.”

Companies of all sizes select Bright Pattern to support their customer care organizations because of its simplified – yet robust – omnichannel platform, offering traditional channels; emerging channels like Facebook Messenger; in-app customer support; enterprise functionality; cloud-first architecture; and the ability to modify without the time and cost of professional services. Bright Pattern was recently recognized by Ovum as a Market Challenger, by Omdia for best platform functionality, by Frost & Sullivan as a top-performing vendor, and by Gartner as a leader in the Call Center FrontRunners Quadrant.

About Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern provides the simplest and most powerful AI-powered omnichannel contact center software for innovative midsize and enterprise companies. To make customer service brighter, easier, and faster than ever before, Bright Pattern offers the only true omnichannel cloud platform with embedded AI that can be deployed quickly and nimbly by business users—without costly professional services. Bright Pattern allows companies to offer an effortless and personal customer experience across channels like voice, text, chat, email, video, messengers, and bots. Bright Pattern also allows companies to measure and act on every interaction on every channel with embedded AI omnichannel quality management. The company was founded by a team of industry veterans who pioneered the leading contact center solutions and are now delivering an architecture for the future with an advanced cloud-first approach. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution is used globally in over 26 countries and 12 languages.


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