Email Interactions in Contact Centers

As part of our cloud multichannel solution, all customer requests are routed to our user-friendly Agent Desktop application. From one robust UI, you can communicate with customers on every channel, including voice, SMS/text, chat, mobile messenger, and email—all at the same time. Representatives can handle incoming email messages along with calls, chats, and mobile, using the same skills-based distribution and media priority rules.

Email call center software


Our omnichannel system routes email to agents, supervisors, and teams on Agent Desktop. You can pull email messages from a queue, or receive email messages directly via the push method.

Email services are configured and managed in our powerful Contact Center Administrator application, and the specifics of who receives which emails are handled by Bright Pattern’s advanced scenarios. All in all, agents and supervisors can get to work faster, better, from their Agent Desktop.

A number of intuitive functions provide simplified yet comprehensive customer request processing. In addition to straightforward functionality such as Compose, Send, Forward, and Transfer, our email solution offers important advanced features such as text masking for hiding sensitive data (for example, credit card numbers), the ability to prioritize and categorize email messages, dispositioning, and sentiment analysis via IBM Watson integration.

What’s more, Agent Desktop users can apply prefab Knowledge Base content to their email replies, ensuring consistent replies for frequent queries that align with your brand.

Email contact center software


  • Reply to customer messages
  • Send follow-ups
  • Compose new messages
  • Save dispositions
  • Receive and attach files
  • Forward/transfer the email to another agent, supervisor, or team
  • Move the email to a team queue
  • Preview email content before retrieving it
  • Save notes and comments for later use
  • View the communications history of the email in the associated case
  • Mask sensitive data
  • Assign the email to a different service
  • Categorize and prioritize email
  • Understand the customer’s mood via IBM Watson-based sentiments
  • Use Knowledge Base content to send consistent replies for frequent questions


We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s call center solution help you change the pattern of customer service