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Salesforce Integration For Call Center Software: A Transformative Customer Experience

Salesforce customer relationship dashboard

Salesforce call center integration is a software system that will significantly improve every field related to: sales, revenue, marketing, customer support, and overall customer satisfaction as a growing number of IT teams can work cohesively as a single-bodied unit from any location in the world while simultaneously focusing and optimizing customer interactions in dispersed global regions 24/7.

CRM Implementation In Salesforce Contact Center Software

Salesforce CRM integrations are a convenient and crucial tool that will allow businesses to research, review, and manage customer data and relationships. With this software, often described as customer relationship management, businesses can effortlessly save, track, and research key customer information in a single centralized location. The data can range from personal account information, marketing campaigns, or order and product details. Due to this information being available in a single secure location, businesses can have a full-fledged grasp on the entire customer experience as their data can be shared, researched, and analyzed by sales teams in real-time to truly optimize workflow, metrics, agent productivity.

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  • What Is A Salesforce Call Center Solution?
  • How Can Organizations Use Salesforce For Their Phone System?
  • How Does Salesforce Affect People?
  • Will Salesforce Help My Business?
  • Which Industries Rely On Salesforce?
  • How Is Automation Maximized With Salesforce?
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What Is A Salesforce Call Center Solution?


In its basic form, a salesforce call center solution will unite your organization’s sales, revenue, marketing, and IT teams from any unique location around the world to begin working collaboratively as a single functioning and seamless unit. By working together as a single body, whether sales members or support teams, can solely focus on improving the customer journey. The benefit of implementing this software is a significant boost in meeting kpis and workflow automation. A salesforce cloud-based solution will maximize functionality and ensure any salesforce users will truly transform their outdated business phone system into a cohesive machine-like cloud phone system for all sales reps or call center agents. For those wanting a first-person experience, simply search: request demo and once you have decided, as a business, to pursue the software further, you can explore pricing plans.

How Can Organizations Use Salesforce For Their Phone System?

Here is a list of some basic salesforce call center features and functions that organizations have at their fingertips once the software is effectively deployed. 

  • Growing A Market With A Personal Touch
  • Attract New Customers By Meeting Needs
  • Build A Diverse Customer Base All Over The World
  • Deliver A Perfect Product & Customer Journey
  • Significantly Faster Customer Response Time
  • Multi-Channel Access

There are a vast array of factors as to why salesforce sales are implemented by call centers. Specific reasons include: elimination of trivial time-wasting tasks, such as manually dialing phone numbers, by using software to automate processes.

A few more examples:

  • Target Unique & Larger Audiences
  • Build Specific Plans or Products With Customer Info
  • Every Employee Works Cohesively

With this software, it will catapult your organization into a global-reaching powerhouse and improve the seamlessness of your entire team.

Bright Pattern Call Center Software

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How Does Salesforce Affect People?

Salesforce contact center solutions can affect people in an extremely positive and beneficial way as it will improve morale, efficiency, and revenue. Using this software will help create new jobs, establish new relationships, and build better businesses. While using a contact center solution, if true omnichannel is present, add software to existing channels such as mobile apps to transform overall contact center management and the customer journey.

Will Salesforce Help My Business?

By establishing a virtual call center, your business will be able to experience a variety of benefits as this software will unite all sales, marketing, and services departments into one unified cohesive unit. With a fully integrated call center, agents can fully focus on sales and service cloud based solutions to help customers answer questions, build relationships, and market products through sales cloud services. The true beauty of a call center in salesforce allows call center users to achieve the goals of the company with their customers as the sole focus to managed package details, retrieve account information, or market a particular product.

Which Industries Rely On Salesforce?

Salesforce call center integrations can assist various types and styles of businesses to deliver superior customer growth and performance in a variety of factors. The software provides a wealth of benefits including the ability to customize interaction with customers using integration with salesforce across a wide range of technology industries.

  • Schools & University Institutions
  • Cars & Automobiles
  • Banks & Finances
  • Communications
  • Government & Political Campaigns
  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & T.V. Commercials

Other popular industries also include:

  • Goods, Products, & Services
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retail & Sales Businesses
  • Travel & Transportation 

These popular industries incorporate this software for achieving company metrics and maximizing sales and revenue across social media and website platforms. With the ability to configure aspects of productivity and customer information, these industries utilize this software to transform their businesses to world-class solutions. 

How Is Automation Maximized With Salesforce?

Explaining the benefits of automated processes in 3 short key points:

  1. Empower Employees: Experience a collaborative effort for team members.
  2. Create More Streamlined A Process:  Ensure complex tasks are completed easier and faster. 
  3. Connect Every System: Help all team members succeed with any system, seamlessly.

These specific software tools can eliminate trivial and monotonous tasks, decrease waiting and idle time, and simultaneously free up space for an agent to focus on addressing the specific questions and concerns of a customer. There are several tools used to streamline working processes and each is crucial to the future success of your business.

Workflow Rules

Most popular, dependable, and longest-serving tool. Recognized for their fast speed, ease of use, and ability to rarely break. 

Process Builder

Using Salesforce Lightning UI, this tool is easy to build, has a huge amount of features, and increases the amount of work an admin can complete significantly (compared to older tools). 


Extremely powerful w/ wizard-style screens


Extreme scalability compared to other tools w/ all the other previous tools’ benefits

These software tools are used to make the jobs of admins and agents significantly easier and eliminate trivial tasks that in the past were completed manually by hand. As it is easily apparent, there is no shortage of software tools to complete processes automatically depending on the needs and demands of your business.


What Is Self Service Cloud?

A self service cloud portal is a type of website that provides information or resources to help users find answers and solve problems. The two most popular styles are CSS and ESS (customer/employee) service cloud portals. Both portals may be extremely different depending on the user and their goals, however, both are built using the same technology. Salesforce service cloud software is essential to help users find answers and solutions to their personal questions.

The end goal of these portals is to assist users to determine the answers to common issues and questions effectively without any outside help. Some of these issues, that customers find themselves struggling with, are best addressed through one-on-one conversations so it should be noted they should NOT necessarily be replacements for a human agent; whose potentially more knowledgeable (some people contact sales to get their issues solved). In some portals, there will be pop-up notifications or basic user guides to guide customers through the process to answer their questions. A problem that may arise in standard help forums online is the process of submitting the form before getting a question answered. Users may get a question wrong while submitting their issues and may not get their questions answered. But with this style of portal, these questions and answers are easily accessible for any user.

CTI: A Basic Breakdown?

  • CTI: Regarded as computer telephony integration is a key aspect of the omni customer strategy.

It is a commonly used method to connect businesses phone and computer systems. These cohesive integrations are critical for performance, results, and improved customer strategy and satisfaction.

What Are Common Call Center Topics?

Call Logs

The process of collecting and recording data from a call

Call Recording

The process of collecting audio or screen activity from a phone call

Click To Call

A way for customers to connect with a business rep by phone while they are actively browsing an app or website.

Incoming Call

A call initiated by a customer; recognized as an inbound call.

Outbound Call

A call initiated by a call center agent


Interactive Voice Response is a self serving cloud voice technology to help customers with making decisions of how they want to proceed regarding the direction of their call


A basic text  message 


Allows calls to be routed to an agent who is either available or qualified on a particular topic. Call routing is key to the customer journey as it ensures customers are connected to an agent who can answer their questions.

It is important to identify the basic concepts and features used with salesforce phone integration used to receive calls, deliver calls, or route calls among agents.

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