Virtual Contact Center

The promise of cloud contact center solutions is to virtualize contact centers, allowing an agent to connect transparently from any location and take calls from consumers anywhere in the world. However, not all cloud software are created equal. Many fail to accommodate the key requirements of deployments across several regions.

Serving customers globally with a Virtual Contact Center

A growing number of mid-size companies operating globally need to extend their customer service operations across several countries. In addition to global presence, a virtual contact center serving multiple geographies has numerous benefits:

  • Regional presence can be optimized with the best combination of local and remote resources
  • Global 24-7 support can leverage agents located across multiple time zones
  • Talents can be sourced from the best locations, locally or in low-cost geographies, in the office or working at home
Virtual Contact Center

Maintaining voice quality in global deployments

Virtual contact center voice quality

As operations and reach stretch across the world, voice quality becomes an issue to address. Indeed, too many hops between calling customers and agents serving them can degrade the voice quality. Bright Pattern offers flexible deployment options to shorten the path between callers and optimize costs:

  • Regional points of presence ensure callers are connected directly to agents located in the same geography
  • Routing of calls to remote locations can be triggered only if local agents are not available
  • A large portfolio of telecom providers addresses international coverage needs

Complying with local regulations

Many countries have local privacy regulations requiring data and call recordings of consumers to be physically held in their country or region of origin. Bright Pattern architecture ensures:

  • Customer information can be hosted locally to comply with local data privacy rules
  • Local points of presence can be created to record and store calls if mandated
  • In-country access points can be established if required to provide local calling numbers

Ensuring business continuity

contact center local regulation

To provide business continuity and disaster recovery, it might be desirable to set-up multiple centers. Bright Pattern provides 4 deployment options:

  • Primary Center with a backup center for disaster recovery
  • Central location with remote offices
  • Loosely coupled centers
  • Multiple locations managed as a single tenant

Managing multiple centers and points of presence globally

As you deploy a distributed Contact Center, it becomes paramount to manage it globally. With Bright Pattern:

  • Centers can be set as tenants, managed individually while cooperating to maximize service levels
  • Resources, dialing plans, and routing rules can be defined globally, independent of the physical location
  • Companies are provided with a global visibility across their global operation
  • A single, consolidated reporting is provided
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