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What does an Auto Dialer Do?

How Auto Dialers Can Help Your Business

Benefits Of Using An Auto Dialer For Your Business

You’re probably used to picking up the telephone and dialing random numbers in order to have your desired conversation. This should be second-nature.

Although you may not think twice about placing outbound calls to customers, have you ever thought about how much time it would take to do the job for you if a machine did it? Don’t answer the phone if you don’t want to. It’s an auto dialer, which is a type of machine that exists already.

What does an Auto Dialer Do? This post will explain what an auto dialer does, how it works, and the benefits that they can bring to your business.

What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer can be an outbound call center solution that dials customer numbers automatically. It can transmit important information via an automated message or connect the customer to a live agent after the call has been answered.

What does an auto dialer do?

What does an Auto Dialer Do?  An auto dialer dials numbers automatically from calling lists, saving outbound call center agents the effort of manually dialing those numbers. There are many industries that can use automatic dialing systems, such as e-Commerce and hospitality, healthcare and education institutions, insurance and financial service providers. They also have the ability to call numbers from calling lists and save outbound call center agents time. Businesses can quickly reach hundreds, if not thousands, of prospects or customers by using this automated phone system.

How does an auto dialer work?

Software and voice modems can be used in conjunction with traditional auto-dialers to aid human agents. They eliminate time-consuming tasks by automatically dialing the number. An auto-dialer can answer a call and connect it to a live agent, or play a recorded message. Auto-dialers can leave a message, or flag the number so that they can be contacted again the next day if the call goes to the receiver’s voicemail.

These systems allow personnel to concentrate on customers’ needs and not waste time dealing with unanswered or ringing calls. In general, auto-dialing systems are divided into four parts.

Computer software makes it possible to create auto-dialing systems. The software you choose and the service provider you use will dictate all of the features and capabilities of an automatic dialer. Basic auto-dialing systems are compatible with most everyday computers. There is a direct correlation between audio quality and CPU power. To support contact centers with over 10,000 channels, however, you will need a server rack that has multiple CPU cores, plenty of memory, and a fast broadband connection.

Some auto-dialing systems can send prerecorded messages but live agents are crucial in many auto-dialing situations. An employee is required to record messages, select the correct call list, dial the mode, and initiate the system. Numerous auto-dialing systems need a lot of staff to handle inbound calls.

Voice modems can be used to send and receive voice recordings via the telephone line. This technology was originally developed for data and facsimile communications. Make sure that any modem or device you are using can handle voice transmissions. If you are unsure whether a particular modem can handle voice communication, check for indications that it comes with voicemail software.

Connecting calls with auto-dialing systems can be accomplished through either VoIP or landlines. However, large-scale auto-dialing systems are moving toward cloud-based, integrated systems that connect with top CRM software solutions, and include an extensive list of advanced features that may eliminate the need for a voice modem.

Why use an auto dialer?

You can connect calls to auto-dialing systems via VoIP or landlines. Large-scale auto-dialing systems have shifted to cloud-based integrated systems. These systems connect with the best CRM software solutions and offer a wide range of advanced features that could eliminate the need for a voice modem.

Who uses dialers?

Most customer-facing departments in a company use dialers. Although sales reps are the main users of dialers, dialers can also be used by support and marketing teams.

  • Outbound sales team: Telemarketing professionals and outbound sales teams use a sales dialer for efficiency in their outreach and sales processes. Outbound sales reps have the ability to pre-load call queues and prioritize high-value clients, which reduces idle time and increases talk time.
  • Marketing departments: There are many engaging prospects online. Marketing departments use diallers to identify leads and then engage with them based upon their interest in various campaigns.
  • Customer service representatives: Customer service teams deal with a large number of calls. These queries can be routed automatically to the correct agent or deflected using self-serve IVR.

There are three types of auto dialers available: predictive, power, progressive or power. You should consider your business function and the way you intend to use the auto dialer.

These descriptions will help you make an informed purchase decision.

  1. Preview dialers: Users have the option to skip or place an outbound call with a preview dialer. Alternative to this is a dialer which automatically calls the next number on a list, without the user having to choose.
    When the user needs to see some information about the person they are about to talk to before dialing, preview dialers can be used. This allows for greater personalization and preparation for customer interactions, whether they are a discovery call or follow-up message.
  2. Power and progressive dialers: These dialers are different from preview dialers because they do not allow users to choose whether or not they want to place the next call. Instead, the dialer places the next call immediately after the last one has ended.
    These dialers are more focused on quantity than the preview dialers. A power dialer is a great option if you want to reach as many customers as possible one by one.
  3. Predictive dialers: By dialing multiple numbers simultaneously, a predictive dialer increases efficiency. You are not expected to speak with multiple customers simultaneously, but don’t panic.
    Predictive dialers provide the best way to reach as many people as possible on the other end, and they can also be used to communicate with large numbers of people.

Auto dialer features

The auto dialer is packed with features that will allow you to have meaningful conversations with your customers. For the best experience, ensure that you select the right product.

  • Unproductive number detection: An auto dialer technology can detect when a number on your phone list isn’t worth calling right now. It can determine whether the number sends numbers to voicemail or an answering machine.
  • List filtering: Many people will be asked to join your “Do Not Call” (DNC). Respecting these wishes is essential for any business that does not want to damage its relationships. Auto dialers allow you to filter your list so that people who are on your DNC lists won’t get contacted.
  • Integration: Auto dialers are compatible with other software that stores customer contact information. Your customer relationship management (CRM) solution is the most important. CRMs allow businesses to track customer data. This includes past interactions, preferences and where they are in the buyer’s journey.
  • Contact list management: Auto dialers can manage your contact lists, segmentations and more. You can also upload customer information from other databases to a cloud-based system. Auto dialers are able to provide the best way to reach customers.
  • Time zone management: There have been so many arguments about when is the best time to contact a potential customer. Factoring in time zones can cause headaches. If you use an auto dialer, you can make this easier by setting the time zone to allow you to only call customers when they are appropriate.
  • Call transfer options: You might not be able to access your office phone because of the lack of call transfer options. Perhaps your job is to help customers qualify before they begin a conversation with someone else in your company. Auto dialers are able to transfer calls to other devices or people.
  • Speed customization: Certain types of auto dialers allow you to enter a number before you have even finished your current call. This is a wonderful feature, but can make it seem a little presumptuous about how long the user will need between each conversation.
  • Message broadcasting: In addition to streamlining outbound calls, auto dialers can send a variety of prerecorded messages to the receiver after the call is answered. Businesses can have multiple broadcast messages that they can use depending on the nature and purpose of the call.
  • Key campaigns: The broadcasted message may require that the person receiving it takes action. Users have the option to present a menu to customers using auto dialers depending on what action they wish to take. This might sound like this: “Press 1 for a connection with a sales representative.”
  • Dashboards: These dashboards provide a visual overview of the progress of an auto dialer’s outbound call campaign. They are updated in real-time and can be used to update as needed. Managers and users can both see the overall performance and activity levels of the campaigns, as well as statistics.
  • Call recording and monitoring: Have you ever called a business only to hear a robotic voice inform you that the call is being recorded for quality assurance or that it is being monitored? This is called the call monitoring function and can greatly assist in optimizing outbound calls.
    Managers may want to listen to a conversation and give both sides notice beforehand to gain insight into the interaction, evaluate the performance of the caller and identify areas for improvement. This can be done live via monitoring, or later with call recording.
  • Callback scheduling: It’s not possible to reach everyone in one go. Auto dialers know this and will schedule follow-up calls or callbacks to address it. Auto dialers will simply add the number to the caller’s list if they don’t answer, increasing your chances of speaking with a customer.
  • Security: Like many software solutions within your company, security is a key feature. Auto dialers use security measures to protect customer data and information from unauthorized users. This makes your customers feel safer and more likely to trust you.

Pros and cons of auto-dialers

Although auto-dialers have been affected by unwanted telemarketing and robocalling, they are now widely used to benefit customers and businesses.



Reduced agent wait times

Today’s most advanced auto-dialer systems include sophisticated voice detection technology that allows them to know exactly when to route a call in real-time to a live operator. This way, agents can hop from caller to caller quickly, as there is no downtime spent waiting for ringing and unanswered phone calls.

Increased conversion ratios

The information provided by preview dialers can be used to increase personalization in every human interaction. Preview dialers also provide sales agents with the information they need to identify high-quality leads, so they can spend their time where it is the most valuable for your company.

Reduced customer wait times

These systems help inbound callers reach an agent easily with callback features, instead of holding, or getting pushed to an auto-attendant or voicemail.



More employees

Predictive auto-dialing systems typically require a large workforce. The predictive dialing algorithms don’t route calls based on availability; they predict the exact time an agent spends on each call, and will start dialing the next number on their list a few seconds before the agent hangs up. If all of your agents on a small team are busy, the individual on the other end of the line may not get through quickly.

Errors in detecting live calls

Some auto-dialing software in lower-quality call conditions may struggle to distinguish between a live voice and a voicemail greeting. In these instances, voicemail greetings will be routed to live agents who will then need to decide to leave a voicemail or hang up – neither of which is the best use of an agent’s time.


Benefits of Auto Dialers

In many ways, auto dialer systems aid call center outbound operations. Here are some of their amazing benefits.

You don’t have to do any manual dialing when you implement an auto dialer for your business. This system eliminates call drops, excessive wait times, misdialing, call restrictions, and more. It improves your business’ operational efficiency.
Agents only get connected calls when the dialing process becomes automated. Because the auto dialer can detect non-serviceable numbers and voicemails as well as busy signals, the call connect ratio will rise dramatically. Obviously, more connected calls will only lead to improved business operations efficiency.

Agent talk time per hour in an auto-dialer environment is significantly longer than it is in a non-dialer setting. This is the best benefit to using auto dialer software.

A predictive auto dialer can easily achieve a longer talk time. Predictive auto dialers dial numbers even before the users are ready. It places a wager on the number of calls that will be answered within a set time. Although it has a low drop rate, it results in the longest agent talk time.

The most advanced auto dialing solutions can detect unproductive numbers such as fax lines or DNDs (Do not disturb numbers).

Auto dialers can seamlessly integrate with CRM or customer relationship management software. The software will detect and filter unproductive numbers based on the latest customer data.

Some call centers only take inbound and outbound calls. However, many call centers around the world can simultaneously handle both inbound and outbound calls. Agent productivity is enhanced by being able to simultaneously handle both types of calls in an efficient manner.

Through dashboards and customizable reports, it can provide insight into agents’ activities and call center operations.

Agents can quickly identify real-time issues using real-time dashboards. This allows them to take immediate actions to improve and makes it easier for the manager to make better decisions.

Many companies need to quickly implement changes in their sales strategy following changes in weather, legislation, and other factors. It is easier to transition to a new product sales strategy because auto dialer software already contains a significant amount of the information that your team needs.

If the agent team requires some retraining, autodialer allows supervisors to quickly do it using scripting, call record and live coaching.

Sales leads are the basis of call data, so they must be called quickly. Data can be either transferred manually to a dialer or automated processes like database synchronization. Auto dialers can process call data in a very fast manner. This will ensure that your business leads stay warm.

An auto dialing system can also automate certain activities, such as answering unanswered phone calls or calling busy numbers back and forth, and leaving voicemails. This system allows you to follow up on a large number of leads quickly and professionally.

It can be difficult to set and stick to service level targets in a non-automated, outbound calling environment. It is difficult because of the differences in experience, motivation, or capability between agents and supervisors. Staff turnover, poor service, and increased staff turnover can all lead to different levels of performance. Automated dialing ensures that your team is disciplined and eliminates inconsistencies.

Auto dialers can help businesses generate more leads. Telemarketers can interact with customers and prospects more effectively using the software, which increases agent talk time.

The most advanced auto dialers allow customers to access self-service options. This allows them to collect customer information. An example of an auto dialing solution that offers self-service options is the Press 1 campaign. These self-service options allow customers to find relevant information about the service or product offered by your company even if they don’t have a live agent. These options can help your business generate qualified leads by allowing customers to interact with a live agent after they have played the appropriate audio file.

Implementing an intelligent auto dialer to automate complex sales processes that involve high-value leads can increase your business’ agility in outbound calling.

An auto dialer can actually increase agent morale, contrary to popular belief. This is possible because agents and telemarketers are more likely to achieve their goals, such as collecting debt or converting leads. A system for auto dialing allows sales representatives in your company to make more.


What is auto dialer on Android?

An auto dialer app for Android is the best way to make phone calls. You can make unlimited calls and control the duration of each call. It can be used by one salesperson or a group of agents. Whichever works best for your business. This software has its limitations.

How much does an auto dialer cost?

This dialer for call center applications is priced differently between the main options, unlimited and cloud contact centers.

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