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What is the best call center CRM?

Some of the best call center CRM that can be a game-changer for your business operations

What is the best call center CRM?

The best call center CRM is designed to enhance the effectiveness of call center agents and deliver an exceptional customer experience.The platform enables seamless communication between your company and customers by integrating their history.

A CRM is essential to manage customer interactions in call centers. For the best customer experience, your CRM should be integrated with your phone provider. Although many CRMs claim they can do this, only those that track activity, manage tickets and automate marketing will be able to achieve it. What is the best call center CRM? Our list of top industry-specific CRMs will help you choose the right call center software.

Call center CRM software features you should look for

Features are packed into call center CRM solutions. These CRM solutions combine common features such as advanced call routing, ticketing system integrations, and virtual dialers. The best call center CRM software for you depends on your requirements. An inbound call center may require different features than an outbound one.

Call routing connects customers with the best agent available to help them. This feature reduces caller wait times and stops customers being transferred to multiple agents before speaking to the one who can help.

For Craig, here’s how important call routing is for Express Dentist:

“Call routing allows us to handle customer calls in a much more efficient manner. When customer response times improve significantly, this translates to happier customers and a boost in sales.”

Call routing is an option that many call center software offers. It all comes down to their ability to be flexible enough to meet your needs.

Although skill-based routing is possible, the software does not allow direct call routing. Before integrating the software into your workflow, make sure you test it.

Integration with CRMs allows your agents to quickly gain access to customer history and data in real time. Customers won’t need to wait for service while agents or reps retrieve the pertinent customer information. Craig found that call processing was even faster.

He said:

“With CRM integration, our call processing became quicker since we no longer duplicate information between systems. Since there’s less opportunity for error, our agents are more confident in the accuracy of the information they deliver. This results in fewer callbacks, greatly reducing handle times.”

Call center CRMs come with built-in CRM features. However, for general contact center solutions you will need to integrate them with a third party CRM.

Call scripting allows agents and reps to know the right words to use in calls, without having to memorize them all. Call scripts can be used as outline for reps in all situations.

Customers get the same experience regardless of which agent they speak to, because everyone uses the same script.

According to Craig Anderson:

“Call scripting allows us to create a more consistent customer experience. By providing agents with a script to follow, we can be sure they are conveying the same key information to every caller and that they meet compliance objectives. As such, human errors are reduced, call quality is improved, and customers are given a more satisfying experience.”

This feature records a call with a customer. The recordings can be reviewed to see if the agents are following the correct workflows or providing the right information. These recordings can be used to train agents or reps in coaching sessions.

“It’s an invaluable quality control tool. It allows us to listen and identify areas where agents can improve their performance. It can also be used to train new staff,” Edith Matos (Hotline Director for Drug Helpline), says.

“It’s a valuable quality control tool, allowing us to listen to calls and identify areas where agents could improve their performance. It also helps in training new staff.” ~ Edith Matos, Hotline Director for Drug Helpline says.

Analytics and reporting help you make informed decisions using the data that has been collected. This will allow you to determine if your team has a smooth workflow, whether there are training opportunities, and how well they perform overall.

“Built-in reporting tools help us track KPIs, such as average call length and abandoned calls. This helps us identify trends and areas for improvement.”

~ Edith Matos

Benefits of Call Center CRM Software

While small retail stores can manage with a phone line and occasional calls, businesses that have a full-fledged customer service team will need better software. Agents need software to track customer interactions, escalate calls, access knowledge bases, and jump quickly from one call to another. Managers also need software to analyze data, monitor employees, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). All of these needs can be met by call center software.

These are the top benefits to using CRM software for call centers:

  1. Reduce need for hardware: Cloud-based call center services let you use VoIP. This means that you don’t have to buy actual phones for your support staff. You may also be able use VoIP phone features alongside your call center features.

  2. Support remote and hybrid work: Most cloud phone systems operate over the internet so your teams can work and live wherever there is an internet connection. This will allow for better work-life balance, and lower overall costs.

  3. Increase productivity: Call center software can be fully automated with settings that you can customize for your business. This means that there is less oversight of how calls are being received, handled and sent. With minimal downtime, agents and salespeople can move from one case to the next. Call center software is cost-effective because it doesn’t require developers or additional IT staff to create and maintain solutions in-house.

  4. Support inbound sales: Although you might use a different number or system to make sales calls, most call center software is capable of supporting all your departments. You are less likely to miss an inbound call, thanks to this.

  5. Apply automatic routing: Cloud-based call center software can automate many tasks, including routing calls. This allows for fewer staff to be needed and reduces the burden on managers so that they can concentrate on quality control, training, and metrics.

  6. Survey for customer satisfaction: After a case has been resolved, the software allows you to route a caller to complete a brief survey about their experience. These data will help you determine where and how to improve your support.

Analyze call data: You would likely have to collect data manually if you don’t have the right call center software. Call center software offers many benefits, including rich data that you can use to analyze customer journeys, satisfaction, and employee performance.

8 Top Call Center CRM

Call center software that manages customer relationship (CRM) calls has many features. These tools include tools for lead and contact management, but also telephonic capabilities that enable you to track and manage calls and generate call-centric analytics reports. These features are available at an affordable price in the best CRM for call centers. We evaluated dozens of CRM systems for call centers and narrowed down our top seven.

These are our top picks and the best uses of them:




Best overall for businesses wanting essential calling features for sales enablement combined with an easy-to-use, customizable CRM.

Zoho CRM

Ideal option for small businesses looking for a low-cost, operational CRM with call center functionalities.


Great call center solution for companies that want robust call center automation tools.


Recommended option for an easy-to-use contact center CRM with workflow automation and call routing.


Top CRM for call centers with conversational intelligence features.


Excellent choice for companies looking for call center CRM systems with advanced features like an auto-dialer, phone surveys, and call routing.


Suitable for businesses that want call center features combined with project management tools.

Bright Pattern

Software that allows direct communication between businesses and customers is called call center software. It automates the process for receiving and addressing customer complaints via telephone using the right functionality and features.

Your goal is to provide five-star customer service and present a professional image. You need a reliable call center solution, regardless of whether you have thousands or one agent who handles customer service for your family-owned company.

FreshSales: Best Overall Call Center Software

Freshsales is a CRM that Freshworks has built-in cloud telephony tools such as click-to-call functions and automatic inbound call routing. It also includes call recording and queues. The call center tools are easy to use and include team performance analytics, sales call, and team call routing. You can also use the mobile app to take calls and log calls.

Freshdesk Contact Center is available for free or at $15 per agent per month if you need more advanced call center features. The Freshworks platform includes smart call center software that allows you to add additional call center functions such as vanity numbers, international numbers, call blocking, voicebots, abandoned call metrics, and call blocking.

Freshsales is a good choice for small businesses as it offers a solid CRM system and basic call center features at a reasonable price. The cost of Freshsales and Freshdesk Contact Center can rise due to the number of agents and calls made, as well as the subscription fees. To find out more about your operational costs, visit its Call Center Estimator. You can also consider HubSpot CRM or Zoho CRM to get basic CRM options for call centers with lower pricing.

Freshsales Features

  • Core CRM: Contact management, account management, contact lifecycle stages, activity timeline, auto-profile enrichment, sales activities (tasks, appointments, and notes), and activity home dashboard
  • CRM customization: Rename modules, custom fields, profile avatar for contact/account, record tags, product catalog, email template tags, workflows, and auto-assignment rules
  • Sales pipeline management: Deal management, visual sales pipelines, collaboration with Slack, rotten deals, multiple sales pipelines, sales goals, and sales forecasting
  • Cloud telephony: Built-in phone, buy local and toll-free numbers, inbound caller ID, call masking, call recording, voicemails and voicemail drop, call queues, bring your own carrier (BYOC), conference calling, holiday routing, virtual hold, and warm transfer
  • Chat: Chat widget, conversation threads, chat assignment rules, canned responses, private notes, FAQs (frequently asked questions) articles, auto-resolve rules, IntelliAssign (auto-assign chats based on agent availability and workload), and chat campaign
  • Freddy AI (artificial intelligence) assistant: Predictive contact scoring, lead gen bot, smart matches (deduplication of data), chatbot, deal insights (close rate, trending, at risk, or cold), and forecasting insights
  • Integrations: Messaging channels (short message service, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple Business Chat), website (classic forms, smart forms, and website tracking), application programming interface (API) access, and Freshworks Marketplace
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS apps, contact, account, and deal management, voice notes, book Uber from CRM, Google Maps integration, caller ID, location check-in, automatic call logging, documents, and offline access
  • Help and support: 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email; access to dedicated account manager for Enterprise users.

Freshsales Pricing

  • Free Version: Support for unlimited users
  • Growth: $15 per user, per month
  • Pro: $39 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $69 per user, per month
  • Free Trial: 21 days

Zoho CRM: Best Cost-effective CRM With Call Center Features

Zoho CRM is available as a free service with basic features, and as a paid option with robust but affordable plans. You can use the built-in telephony to purchase local or toll-free phone numbers, and to assign unique outgoing numbers for your agents. The solution can be integrated with Zoho Desk so that you have access to email ticketing and help desk features at no additional cost. It can be connected to other telephony or PBX programs such as and Amazon Connect.

The challenge of Zoho CRM is how to navigate its rich features. This is because it is an all-inclusive solution that provides a wide range of tools. Voicent and Nextiva are two options if you prefer a call center software that is less complicated than a full-featured CRM.

Zoho CRM Features

  • Sales force automation: Leads, contacts, accounts, deals, tasks, events, call logs, notes, sales forecasting, email insights, multiple currencies, scoring rules, assignment rules, email parser, and multiple pipelines
  • CRM customization: Page customization, rename tabs, custom fields, custom modules, page layouts, and custom list views
  • Telephony: PBX integration, single-click dialing, reminders for upcoming and missed calls, automate scheduling of calls and post-call activities, auto-log calls, update call status, and save notes
  • Zia (artificial intelligence): Data enrichment, conversational AI assistant, reminders, best time to contact, smart automations, assignment suggestions, AI for emails, and best recommendations
  • Reports and analytics: Standard and custom reports, scheduled reports, charts, key performance indicators (KPIs), funnels, target meter, comparator, cohorts, anomaly detector, dashboard, webform analytics, webform A/B testing, and workflow reports
  • Social: Enrich data with Twitter and Facebook profiles, social tabs, automated lead generation from social media, and social interaction with leads and contacts
  • Web forms: Web-to-lead, web-to-contact, and web-to-case forms
  • Team collaboration: Motivator (gamification), calendar, status updates, direct messages, attach file to leads, tagging, and groups for team collaboration
  • Inventory management (for Professional and higher plans only): Products, price books, sales quotes, sales orders, invoices, vendors, and purchase orders
  • Integrations: Apps for online meetings, telephony and PBX, team collaboration, office productivity, storage, analytics, email marketing, customer service, finance, business operations, website visitor tracking, and maps and route planning
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS apps manage deals, contacts, tasks, analytics dashboards, RouteIQ (route planning), and mobile card scanner (convert business cards into CRM contacts)
  • Customer support: Knowledge base, FAQs, community forum, training, videos, webinars, e-books, and Zia on-screen tips; tier-based customer support via email (24/7), phone (critical cases only or 24/5), and live chat (24/5)

Zoho CRM Pricing

  • Free Forever: Support for 3 users
  • Standard: $14 per user, per month
  • Professional: $23 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $40 per user, per month
  • Ultimate: $52 per user, per month
  • Free Trial: 15 to 30 days

Nextiva: Best for Automating Call Center Functionalities

Nextiva provides business communication plans that combine phone, video and chat into one app. The features include unlimited HD calling and call routing. Screen sharing is possible. Custom caller ID can also be used. Although it is not a traditional CRM, its automation capabilities allow you to automate surveys after calls, prioritize cases with low customer feedback, and send emails directly to leads.

Nextiva is a great tool for business communication management. However, it might not be the right choice if you need robust customer support features. Freshsales and Bitrix24 offer affordable, free call center CRM software options.

Nextiva Features

  • Voice calling: Unlimited calling within the U.S. and Canada, free local and toll-free number, 1,500 to 12,500 toll-free minutes, high-definition (HD) voice, auto-attendant, unlimited internet fax, and free number porting
  • Voice productivity: Call pop (complete customer information view), voice-to-email notifications, voice-to-SMS notifications, voicemail transcription, team presence (agent status and availability), shared line appearance, professionally recorded greeting, single sign-on, hold music, and call group
  • Meetings: Unlimited conference calls, unlimited video calling, and HD video calling
  • Collaboration: Team messaging and collaboration, private group messaging, screen sharing, mobile SMS and MMS (multimedia messaging service)
  • Voice analytics and reports: Call history, call log reports, and voice analytics
  • Voice administration: Admin portal, user portal, dashboard, real-time system status alerts, and call recording
  • Phones: Bring your own device (BYOD), desk and conference phone rental options, desk phone, and conference phone
  • Integrations: Nextiva CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, HubSpot, Zendesk, NetSuite, ServiceNow, ConnectWise, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS apps; Nextiva Anywhere (inbound and outbound calls from your own mobile device)
  • Customer support: Multisite support, real-time system alert status, professional implementation, and 24/7 support via email, chat, and phone

Nextiva Pricing

  • Essential: $17.95 to $23.95 per user, per month plus sales CRM add-on
  • Professional: $21.95 to $27.95 per user, per month plus sales CRM add-on
  • Enterprise: $31.95 to $37.95 per user, per month plus sales CRM add-on
  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Must contact directly for sales CRM

HubSpot CRM: Best Contact Center CRM With Conversational Intelligence

HubSpot CRM’s Service Hub is a powerful, yet simple-to-use, call center software. With its powerful automation tools and in-depth analytics reports, it will help your team improve customer service. It also includes a shared email address, live chat software and call tracking. You can provide phone support for your customers by integrating seamlessly with Aircall (plans starting at $30 per user per month).

The platform allows team managers to effectively coach their reps through its conversation intelligence. This feature automatically captures keywords commonly used and then provides transcription for voice data within your CRM. Managers can use the information it generates to identify performance patterns, provide feedback, coach reps, and help overcome objections in order to close more deals.

HubSpot CRM lacks project management tools. This is one of its disadvantages. Bitrix24 is a CRM system that integrates project management tools. Subscribe to Freshsales and Zoho CRM for affordable options that also offer advanced call center management tools.

HubSpot CRM Features

  • Sales Hub: Tools for managing and segmenting contacts, sending emails, deal tracking, creating sales documents, chatting with visitors, and making voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) calls
  • Marketing Hub: Attract leads through blogs and social media; convert visitors into customers using landing pages and email marketing automation, and run inbound marketing campaigns
  • Service Hub: Deliver quality customer service with conversational tools, help desk automation, knowledge base functionality, customer surveys, and reporting
  • Call center software: Automatically track and log sales calls, make outbound calls, conversational intelligence
  • Custom workflow automations: Create tasks based on lead-triggering activities
  • Quotes: Easily generate professional quotes using click-to-quote tools
  • Communication features: Built-in telephone and email communication tools
  • Event management feature: Data from marketing events can be stored and managed through integrations with event planning and scheduling applications like Eventbrite, atEvent, and Attendease
  • Appointment setting tools: Built-in meeting scheduling tools for leads to set appointments

HubSpot CRM Pricing

  • Free Plan: Support for unlimited users
  • Sales Hub Starter: Starts at $45 for up to 2 paid users
  • Sales Hub Professional: Starts at $450 for up to 5 paid users
  • Sales Hub Enterprise: Starts at $1,200 for up to 10 paid users
  • Additional users can be purchased for extra

Voicent: Best for Advanced Call Center Features

Voicent, a communication platform, offers a built-in CRM that allows for basic contact and lead management functions. It includes call center-specific tools to improve agent productivity such as IVR and automated outbound phone surveys. It can also be integrated with other CRM platforms such as SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and Zoho CRM.

Voicent’s major drawbacks include its inability to integrate with third-party apps, limited customization options, and lack of a mobile application. Voicent does not provide online marketing tools. Other call center features, such as inbound call center caller identification, workflow automation and email campaigns, will require you to pay an additional fee. You can choose from Zoho CRM or Agile CRM to get a CRM that is phone-friendly and offers more customization options.

Voicent Features

  • CRM: Contact management, CRM import wizard, save search filters, custom fields, custom sales pipeline categories, custom displays, agent access management, and custom agent roles and permissions
  • Business automation: Capture leads (via phone, email, and web), track website visitors and web forms, workflow triggers, contact activity tracking, record daily sales and potential deals, agent performance and activity, custom caller experience, and automatic CRM pop-up on phone calls
  • Call center tools: Auto-dialer, predictive dialer, PBX phone system, outbound call center, inbound and outbound IVR, email and SMS marketing, phone and SMS surveys, and inbound call center
  • Help and support: Product usage self-help module and YouTube tutorials; paid support includes product training, standard setup, professional support, remote login, and free upgrades, license transfers, remote support services, maintenance, and email and phone support

Voicent Pricing

  • Monthly : $29 per user per month billed monthly
  • Yearly : $19 per user per month billed annually

Bitrix24: Best for Combined Call Center & Project Management Tools

Bitrix24, a CRM system that integrates project management features, can be used to perform specific call center functions. You can, for example, assign inbound calls to tasks within a project. Automatically generate leads for missed and answered calls that are logged in your contact center. You can also connect your phone with your CRM to link calls into deals.

This solution is ideal if you require additional tools to manage human resources or website design. You can call your clients or staff directly from the CRM app thanks to its telephonic capabilities. Before you call, you can access the relevant contact information such as order details or company position.

Zoho CRM, much like Bitrix24 offers tools to manage human resources tasks. Bitrix24 is the best when it comes to project management features. This is due to its Kanban board and Gantt chart generation. It does not provide phone support and the user interface is difficult to use for beginners. Freshsales offers unlimited support and an easy-to use interface.

Bitrix24 Features

  • CRM: Unlimited leads, deals, contacts, quotes, and invoices; lead and deal conversion, product catalog, sales pipelines, sales automation tools, custom fields, document generator, custom stages, client profile, activity timeline, recurring deals and invoices, automatic duplicate detection, payment and delivery, and inventory management
  • Contact Center: Connect different channels (phone, email, live chat, and social media messaging) to your CRM; built-in telephony call back widget, website widget, and email copy storage
  • Telephony: PBX integration, unlimited incoming and outgoing lines, call routing, call transfer, VoIP integration, internal extensions, work hour settings, voicemail and greetings, call-to-all distribution mode, missed call forwarding, export call details, automatic dialer, client conversation rating, interactive voice response (IVR) menu, queue groups, automatic call transcription menu, and call recording
  • Communication: Chat, HD video calls, video conferencing, company drive, calendar, company social network, newsfeeds, workgroups, extranet (private network with controlled access for outsiders), announcements, polls, appreciation badges, video announcements, company knowledge base, and smart search
  • Tasks and projects: Tasks, Kanban boards, project management, autofocus mode (automatically sort tasks based on priority), scrum, efficiency KPI, task automation, attach files from drive, integration with workflows, access permissions, and report builder
  • Sites and landing pages: Visual website builder, connect sites to Bitrix24 call tracking, free website hosting, website widget, customer journey tracking, and site import/export
  • Ecommerce: Online store builder, products, orders, checkout scripts, order processing, payment processing, access rights, coupons, cumulative discounts, automation rules, fixed shipping costs, shipping cost calculator, and inventory management
  • CRM marketing: Customer segmentation, segment-based email marketing, audience search, Facebook advertising, advertising automation rules, and email templates
  • Sales intelligence: Automatic customer journey tracking, analytical reports, automated ad management, call tracking, and offline ad tracking
  • Human resources (HR) tools: Company social network, employee profile page, company structure, employee directory, quick employee search, work time tracking, absence management, work reports, company knowledge base, and meetings
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS apps; deals, contacts, companies, invoices, offers, products, tasks, and projects
  • Customer support: Help desk, online training (tooltips, FAQs, video tutorials, and webinars), chat with tech support, and email support

Bitrix24 Pricing

  • Free Plan: Support for unlimited users
  • Basic: Starts at $49 for up to 5 paid users
  • Standard: Starts at $99 for up to 50 paid users
  • Professional: Starts at $199 for up to 100 paid users


Call center software automates the flow and routing of outgoing and incoming calls. Interactive voice response (IVR), a feature common to call center software, is used to create pre recorded greetings and menu options as well as answers to commonly asked questions.

Contact center solutions are tools that help with the inbound and output operations of any call center or cloud contact center. Many contact centers offer support for other communication channels which makes them useful and a complete cloud contact centre solution.

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