What is the biggest call center company?

Knowing the largest call centers in the world

What is the biggest call center company

Exploring the World's Largest Call Centers: Powerhouses of Customer Engagement

What is the biggest call center company? Call centers are at the forefront of customer interaction, acting as essential hubs in which businesses communicate with their customers. Although call centers are available in a variety of sizes and specialties they have all become giants in the field because of its global footprint, comprehensive services, and a dazzling workforce. Let’s look at some of the largest call center firms, showing their size and impact upon customer support.

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Biggest call center company

What is the biggest call center company?

What is the biggest call center company? Determining the single biggest call center company can be challenging due to the industry’s dynamic nature and the absence of a universally accepted metric for measuring size. Additionally, the “best” call center company for you might depend on your specific needs and priorities.

What is a call center?

Call centers are segments or a third-party organization which works for the company. Its primary responsibility is providing customers with a customized experience by providing both outbound and inbound interactions with potential and existing customers. clients.
The call center is usually an office for support where an agent is available to answer questions from a client, provide technical support or orders via phone.
Typical call center services offered
  • Appointment setting
  • Telephone answering service
  • Technical support
  • Order-taking
  • Omnichannel support
What is a Call Center

Importance of call centers

Call center businesses offer a wealth of benefits for businesses since they provide clients with a way to enhance their image, resolve issues and develop a significant customer base. Additionally, the information collected by call centers is gaining value.
Call centers give a professional image for your business. Callers who receive a personal greeting from your company appear as an established professional business that has many clients.
Our software for call centers operates through a single, central portal, which allows your team to be more efficient and concentrate on providing the highest quality customer service.
Even if it’s a small company just starting to get started with customers, providing a high-quality customer experience is essential to the growth of any business.

Advantages Of A Call Center

A call center could help bring your business to the next step. Let’s look at how it is done by taking some of the benefits of owning your own call center or outsource these services to a third party:
  1. Consistent Messaging
  2. Enhanced Productivity Among Support Teams
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions
  4. Professional Query Handling
  5. Improved Customer Experience
  6. Maximizing Sales Opportunities
  7. Get a Competitive Edge

30 largest call centers worldwide

Genpact Logo

1. Genpact

Genpact was initially an affiliate that was part of General Electric (GE), but later became an independent company. In the areas of banking, consumer goods and energy industries, Genpact provides commercial services to its customers.
Alorica Logo

2. Alorica

Alorica is a renowned service provider in BPO services that span all aspects of the client journey. Alorica also offers a wide range of top-quality services to customers across various industries, ranging from customer support to digital and financial services.
AT&T Logo

3. AT&T

AT&T Inc. is a multinational holding company with its headquarters located in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the biggest business in telecommunications and the largest provider of mobile telephone solutions across the United States.
Blue Cross Blue Shield Logo

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a confederation with 35 separate United States health insurance firms that provide insurance to more than one hundred million individuals in the United States.
Wells Fargo Logo

5. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo & Corporation is an international financial services company with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They also have an operating corporate headquarters located in Manhattan and management offices throughout the United States and internationally.
Citigroup Logo

7. Citigroup

In 1998 Citigroup Inc. was created by combining Citicorp with Travelers Group, a financial conglomerate. Travelers Group was later split away from the company in 2002.
The call center of Citigroup acts as the service provider for its primary banking business. They are charged with handling payments, addressing concerns and gaining access to markets for their clients around the world.
Conduent Logo

8. Conduent

Conduent Inc., based in Florham Park, New Jersey, is an American outsourcing of business processes firm. Companies and government agencies make use of Conduent’s digital platforms to oversee their operations.
By 2020 Conduent is employing 68,000 employees across 40 countries, who provide services such as answering phones technical support, virtual receptionist support.
Convergys Logo

9. Convergys

Convergys Corporation, founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, once was a specialist in the sale of huge customer-related information and software. Convergys Corporation has been acquired by Concentrix in order to increase its offerings.
Teleperformance Logo

10. Teleperformance

Teleperformance SE is an omnichannel business from France. Customer acquisition and technical assistance, customer service credit control, social media websites, and many more are all offered by the company around the world.


SYKES offers a variety of solutions and services via multi-channel delivery platforms, which include sales and marketing expertise, digital marketing support for customers, customer care and technical assistance. Customers are actively engaged at every stage of the journey of a customer.
Sitel Logo

12. Sitel

In Miami, Florida, Sitel is a privately-owned contact center and outsourcing business process. It provides large companies with outsourcing of technical support, sales customer service, technical support, and various other functions of business.
ADP Logo

13. ADP

ADP is a leading supplier in cloud-based HR management (HCM) software that combines HR payroll and talent management, as well as tax, time and benefits administration.
EXL Service Logo

14. EXL Service

EXL is a company for operations management and analytics which assists companies in increasing profits and growth in the face of continuous changes and competition.


MDY BPO is a global BPO and call center firm with more than twenty years experience. They have an approach of providing added value to customers by their services.
Transcom Logo

16. Transcom

Transcom is an expert in global user experience with a vast call center network and workers who work from home and provide sales, customer service technical support, as well as collections.
Infosys BPO Logo

17. Infosys BPO

Infosys BPO focuses on complete outsourcing, and delivers customers with transformative benefits by reducing costs, increasing productivity and process restructuring.
Transcosmos Logo

18. Transcosmos

Transcosmos has brought together exceptional individuals with cutting-edge technology in order to help clients to compete with their competitors by offering superior and value-added services.
TeleTech Logo

19. TeleTech

TeleTech currently TTEC is a world-wide company that delivers amazing multi-channel customer experiences that are enthralling for some of the most innovative brands.
Advantage Solutions Logo

20. Advantage Solutions

Advantage Solutions’ specialized sales and marketing solutions encompass retail merchandising, corporate sales and marketing services, with a focus on customer and client occasions, publication, as well as assisted-selling solutions.

21. Startek

Startek is a customer service BPO as well as a call center company that offers customer support solutions with a distinctive and effective method. Startek offers a variety of strategic options, including monitoring of social media channels and professional services consulting. It also provides evaluation of customer journeys, as well as reports suites.
24-7 Intouch Logo

22. 24-7 Intouch

All hours of the day, all days of the week. Intouch offers an all-channel service via live chat, phone email, social media management, utilizing the most advanced technology, comprehensive analysis, and marketing experts for every account.
Everise Logo

23. Everise

Everise is an outsourcing firm which specializes in global healthcare as well as technology-related experience improvement. Everise’s unique approach blends technical and customer assistance using AI.
Bosch Service Solution - Costa Rica Logo

24. Bosch Service Solution - Costa Rica

Bosch Group Bosch Group is a world-class service and software provider. Its business operations are centered on four areas of business that include mobility solutions Industrial technology, consumer goods and energy and building technology.
VXI Global Solutions Inc. Logo

25. VXI Global Solutions Inc.

VXI Global Solutions serves the most renowned brands around the globe with innovative and innovative customer service as well as the customer’s experience (CX) strategies. The company has developed a revolutionary collection of award-winning customer service technology that enhances the customer care advisor’s entire lifecycle.

26. Nurse on Call Ireland

VXI Global Solutions serves the most renowned brands around the globe with innovative and innovative customer service as well as the customer’s experience (CX) strategies. The company has developed a revolutionary collection of award-winning customer service technology that enhances the customer care advisor’s entire lifecycle.


VN GLOBAL BPO is the market’s most flexible call center and outsourcing company. Since its inception, over the last 25 years this VN GLOBAL BPO has been revolutionizing the telecom and banking sector.
Konecta Logo

28. Konecta

Konecta has increased exponentially and has become an international corporation with a team of over 54,000 experts who take care of its customers’ needs and is the focal point of your strategy.
Neobpo Logo

29. Neobpo

Neobpo offers solutions, technology and BPO services, while integrating CX, UX, and Design Thinking consulting. They aid clients in digital transformation, implementing new service hours, redesigning the way that businesses and consumers interact and also reducing expenses.
Comdata Group Logo

30. Comdata Group

Comdata Group is a multinational and creative service provider in operations for customers. They have an immediate and global presence in order to improve their service to customers by utilizing the latest technology in a wide range of regions, markets and sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top position in the call center is usually that of the call center manager. The role is responsible for the overall operations for the center which includes setting goals, supervising employees, and directing budgets.

The major industries that have the most call centers include:

  • Telecommunications: Telecom companies have large call centers that handle customer service enquiries, sales calls, as well as technical support.

  • Financial services: Financial service firms, including credit card and banks have huge call centers to answer customer service queries, accounts management, customer service inquiries, and prevention of fraud.

  • Retail: Retail firms have call centers that are large enough to answer customer service questions or order processing as well as returns.

  • Travel: Travel Companies that deal in travel have huge call centers that deal with customer service requests, bookings and cancellations.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare firms have call centers large enough for customer service issues appointments, scheduling appointments, and even billing.

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