Why is BPO the fastest growing?

Why the BPO industry attracts tremendous global growth

Why is BPO the fastest growing

The Swift Ascent of BPO: Exploring Why Business Process Outsourcing Is the Fastest Growing Industry

n recent times it has been noted that BPO has seen a surge in popularity. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector has seen a remarkable increase and has earned its name as one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy. This has led businesses that are of any size to review their strategies and take into account the numerous benefits of BPO. In this article we will explore the reasons Why is BPO the fastest growing? and what does BPO means.
In this article, we’ll examine Microsoft’s offerings within the area of software for call centers. We will shed light on the platforms and tools that allow businesses to provide the best customer service.

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Why BPO is the fastest growing

Why is BPO the fastest growing?

Why is BPO the fastest growing? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest-growing industries globally due to a lot of factors that eventually have proved to be a blessing to the development of any company. This includes cost-effectiveness, nearshore or offshore processing facilities, which save personnel, as well as the time difference. This allows any company to use its resources and finances to pursue more business opportunities and growth. Every process, or part within the company that needs additional time, resources, more space and often experts, however it isn’t as critical, is able to be outsourced by an outside party under a subcontract.

Presently, BPO has touched almost every industry. BPO is a key component in customer service, finances the supply chain and human resources research, the medico legal sector and insurance as a back office and also as a front-office that covers marketing, sales, and other areas of service. BPO is a widely popular and well-received service. BPO has proven to be a possible source of income. This is done by keeping the average time to process at a minimum, which ensures cost-effectiveness.

Healthcare Domain

  • Medical data summarization.
  • Medical record indexing.
  • Reorganization of medical records.

 Insurance Domain

  • Sorting and analyzing claim documents for TPAs.

Construction Domain

  • Gathering construction details.
  • Documentation related to the bidding of construction work and many more.

Call Scoring

  • Call scoring for lead management
  • Analytics for the real estate industry

Contact Center Service

  • Direct terminations available in 34 countries (extensions planned)
  • 24×7 Service Desk

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO refers to the process of outsourcing standard tasks to be managed by a third party other than the business.

The benefits of business process outsourcing

  • BPO can reduce your business admin
    Outsourcing is a great way to outsource almost any task in your business and is a great method of reducing your business administrative burden. Spend some time making sure you are aware of and able to communicate, in writing, the task(s) you’d like to outsource.If, for instance, you’re outsourcing bookkeeping services for example, you’ll require a set amount of the time to get your books in order, and also make sure you take the time to take your bookkeeper or accountant through them to ensure understanding.

  • BPO can make your business more flexible
    Another benefit of BPO is the ability to make your company more adaptable. When you outsource areas that aren’t your core capabilities, you free up time, money, and resources so that you can focus on the most important things. When you work with BPO companies, you could also have access to the latest technologies that aren’t available in-house which will help you continuously improve your processes and adjust to the changing market conditions.

  • Choosing a BPO service company to meet your needs
    When selecting the right BPO service, businesses must consider more than the price. The capability of the provider to assist the company in achieving its goals, be more flexible, or boost innovation must all be considered into the selection.
The benefits of business process outsourcing
Other qualities to look out for include:
  • Ability to support the business with both current and future objectives
  • Knowledge of any relevant regulations and data laws
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Uses metrics to report on goal progress and prove they are hitting contract targets.

6 Common Disadvantages of Business Process Outsourcing

Despite the many and impressive advantages of BPO however, the drawbacks are equally impressive if not handled properly. The most common disadvantages are public backlash as well as loss of control communications breakdowns, and hidden cost. This article will take a closer review of these drawbacks.

  • Public Backlash
    Certain outsourcing companies recruit people from all over the world (offshoring) or from nearby countries (nearshoring). This can affect the public’s perception and could negatively impact the business’s outsourcing strategy as customers or members of the community believe that the company is sacrificing local jobs. Additionally, consumers may consider products or services to be less quality when the services or products are provided by non-domestic workers.

  • A Learning Curve
    A newly hired BPO company needs to learn about the client’s company and its clients, as well as the requirements that must be met. This process of learning could result in an interruption in the company’s service or product which could cause concerns for directors, shareholders or customers. This is why it is crucial to begin slowly in the outsourcing process and inquire with any BPO companies you’re thinking of hiring about their plans to reduce the risk.

  • Loss of Control
    When the functions are handled internally, managers are placed in place to guarantee consistency as well as quality assurance. If the function is outsourced, businesses lose control over the control. Therefore, it’s crucial to select an experienced and vetted BPO firm that you can be confident in the reputation of your business. Asking former customers about their experiences before you hire the BPO firm can aid in understanding the quality assurance process generally offered by a BPO company.

  • Communication Breakdowns
    If it is not properly managed, BPO can create a more isolated company. It’s harder, for instance, for internal engineers to communicate with marketing professionals in the event of marketing outsourcing. Communication may not be as smooth leading to disruptions in the flow of information that can limit marketing’s ability to deliver the information that audiences require. If you contract out an organization, a strategy for communication should be implemented to ensure the most fluid communication that is possible.

  • Hidden Costs in Contractual Agreements
    When employing a BPO company, outsourcing companies must enter into a lengthy contract containing numerous fine print regarding any potential for contingencies to occur. The fine print is likely to contain fees should certain situations arise or certain actions need to be completed (or not completed). The costs can be astronomical quickly. It is essential to go through contracts carefully and have a clear understanding of the legal terms to avoid any hidden charges that could cause an issue in the future.

  • Shared Reputational Risks
    If a BPO firm is caught within a PR disaster and the reputation of the businesses that employ them could be damaged through the entanglement. In the case of an BPO company is dependent on underpaid labor, its customers will suffer because of the advantages they gained from illegally contracted labor. Before you hire a BPO firm, check its business practices thoroughly. Also, make sure to include a commitment to ethical practices in the agreements that are signed by both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to note that describing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) as “the best” is subjective and is based on a variety of aspects, such as the specific requirements and objectives of an organization. BPO has many advantages, which makes it a preferred choice for a lot of companies. But, the best choice is dependent on the specifics and needs.


The main competitive advantage of BPO is the ability to assist businesses in saving money, increase efficiency, and get access to skilled workers from other countries.

The outlook for growth of BPO is extremely positive. Globally, the BPO market is predicted to expand to $323.03 billion by 2021, to $460.64 billion by 2027, at an annual rate of 6.09 percent.


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