2020 Trends: Bridging the AI Gap

Any glimpse into the future of CX has to include AI. After all, IDC predicts total AI spending will more than double to $79 billion by 2022. Investment into AI by CX firms is a major capital expenditure that will surely pay dividends over time by increasing productivity. However, even though 72% of all businesses are using AI, 7 out of 10 companies report minimal or no impact from AI.

So where is the disconnect?

When it comes to CX, companies need to be strategic in the deployment of AI to address specific business issues. AI is not just a buzzword, it’s a highly sophisticated tool that companies must leverage precisely in order to achieve maximum efficiency. For companies to effectively deploy AI, they should look to specific use cases where AI can improve the customer experience.

For instance, consider using AI to detect customer sentiment, using AI-powered bots or conversational IVRs to gather basic customer information, or using AI to provide assistance to agents with suggested responses. Innovator Ocular Technologies in South Africa, for example, is able to use bots in Facebook Messenger to order their favorite pizza without having to involve a single human. That’s a brighter bot and an example of how AI can be deployed in a winning manner.

Contact center agents are the backbone of any company and by giving them the wisdom and tools to succeed with AI help, you can turn a great employee experience into a great customer experience.

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