2021 Trends – Clouds Have Clout

We said it before and we’ll say it again—on-premise contact center systems are no longer the best approach in the post-pandemic contact center. Ironically enough, cloud contact centers a few years ago were considered more risky and less secure than premise-based systems, but since COVID, cloud contact centers are significantly better for business continuity and employee safety than was previously the case. In the rare occurrence that a company was able to make it through the pandemic unscathed with on-premise contact center software, it is inevitable that as part of their post-pandemic plan [link to planning] they have to consider a cloud-based platform. In a 2018 report by Markets and Research, global spending for cloud-based contact center solutions was expected to triple by 2022. With the events that have taken place in 2020, we expect this number to rise significantly.

Companies that hang on to legacy platforms might cite a reduction in software capabilities, lack of integrations with ERPs, CRMs, etc., or data security as reasons to keep an on-prem platform vis-à-vis cloud-based. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Today’s cloud contact center solutions are robust powerhouses that offer a full suite of tools to handle even the most demanding customers.

Additionally, certain cloud-based contact center software allows for integration with other platforms and/or databases out of the box. If custom integrations are needed, linking applications via an API is simple and cost effective. When it comes to security, today’s contact center platforms follow the highest of standards to comply with various protocols like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and others. Call and messaging data is typically encrypted and transmitted through secure servers that redact sensitive information. This happens no matter if the agent is sitting in a cubical or their living room couch.

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2021 Customer Experience Trends: The ABCs of the Post Pandemic Contact Center

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