Bright Pattern Powers Global Network of Omnichannel Call Centers with Transcosmos

Transcosmos is a trusted partner to large global retailers that wish to offer localized support in every territory in which they do business. Transcosmos employs highly trained customer service agents who speak the language and understand the culture of the geographic region where they are serving.

When a Japanese shopper at an American retailer in Tokyo needs to find out how to return an item, for example, agents are able to call a local number and  have the shopper interact with a Japanese speaker who knows where their nearest store is located.

Transcosmos needed a solution that enabled the company to open new call centers quickly and was scalable to allow Transcosmos to quickly add new agents in the shortest time to handle the seasonal demand that is typical in the retail environment. The company turned to Bright Pattern to meet its needs.


  • Provide exceptional localized customer care for international clients
  • Find a solution that can scale to handle seasonal demand
  • Ensure speedy training for a diverse range of agents
  • Contain costs and maintain the reliability of the call center

Results of Switching to Bright Pattern

On the Bright Pattern solution, the average agent training time was reduced to just three hours, compared to the three days of training it used to take Transcosmos on their previous systems. Reduced training time offered significant cost savings, and enabled call centers to meet demand and rapidly expand into new locations when needed.

Growth for Transcosmos has been significant—usage of the Bright Pattern solution has increased five times since its adoption.



The Bright Pattern solution enables agents to handle requests through a variety of channels, including voice, email, text and SMS, messenger apps, chat, and more. What’s exciting is that the conversation can switch to any channel seamlessly, meaning a conversation that starts on one of these channels can immediately be switched to another channel. Omnichannel capabilities like this have cut down email handling time to under 12 hours for most clients. Customer service teams are empowered to be fully integrated, which boosts productivity enormously.

For more information on the Transcosmos and Bright Pattern partnership, read the full case study.

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