Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices

It isn’t easy guaranteeing an amazing experience every time a customer interacts with your agents. Call center quality assurance (QA) is hard to get right, requiring time and effort to monitor thousands of interactions that happen each day. In this blog, we will cover some call center quality assurance best practices to make implementing quality assurance easier and ensure great customer service for every interaction between your agents and customers. 


Before implementing a QA system in your contact center, you need to have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish with your quality assurance program. This involves processing existing customer feedback and pinpointing issues to correct. 

To set up a call center quality assurance guideline, you need to evaluate what your contact center needs to improve. Getting a clear goal of what your contact center needs to achieve or improve is necessary for implementing an effective quality-monitoring strategy. To set this goal, you will need to get feedback from your customers through both active and passive methods. 

Getting feedback from customers can come through active methods. One active method is providing your customers with a short, efficient feedback questionnaire after every interaction with a customer. Be sure to allow the customer to rate their experience and provide comments about how their experience was and how it can be better. Another active method is directly acting the customer if the interaction was helpful or not during the interaction. 

Passive methods can be used to receive feedback as well. A popular passive method is implementing AI to analyze interactions. AI can utilize text and speech analysis to analyze the status of an interaction. Using this information, the AI can monitor the interaction, dictate how the call went, and categorize it. This call will contribute to overall statistics that will show you what areas of the contact center need improvement.


The quality of service of your contact center can be determined through proper implementation of quality assurance metrics. Quality assurance metrics are necessary for an accurate overview of the performance of your contact center and focusing on improving these numbers can vastly improve the quality of service from your contact center. Here are the most important metrics to focus on: 


Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) provides a numerical score indicating how satisfied a customer is with a particular interaction, service, or product. Through surveys and ratings, a CSAT score is determined through customer feedback. It is one of the most commonly used, since it is versatile and creates many questions to consider for quality assurance. Read more about CSAT metrics here


Customer Effort Score (CES) measures the effort a customer needs to make to have their needs resolved by your company. This score is useful for pinpointing any problems that are preventing you from providing great customer service. A low score indicates that customers find your company to be easy to work with. Read more about CES metrics here


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated by gauging how likely a customer is to recommend your product or service to their friends. On a scale of 0 to 10, customers rate their likelihood for recommending the product or service. Based on their responses, customers are then placed into various categories. Read more about NPS metrics here

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After setting call center quality assurance guidelines and metrics, you are ready to implement QA in your call center. Here are the best practices to keep in mind when implementing call center QA.


Monitoring interactions can be a daunting task for any contact center manager. The average contact center agent makes up to a thousand to two thousand interactions a month. Despite this, it is important to strive to measure 100% of all interactions. This will ensure that no interactions slip through the cracks, and lowers the potential of losing a customer due to poor customer service. 

Read more about how you can monitor all interactions here. 


To ensure consistency across all of your channels of communication, it is necessary to measure the quality of interactions on all channels. Rather than focusing in on one channel of communication, it is best to consider and review all channels of communication to ensure that the entire customer journey is seamless and consistently excellent. Utilizing call center quality assurance metrics can make this process easier by quantifying the customer experience to identify areas of improvement. 

Read more about how omnichannel can help with measuring quality on all channels.


In order to monitor 100% of interactions between your agents and customers on all channels of communication, it may be helpful to utilize AI. AI can make monitoring interactions in your contact center much easier and allow you to monitor 100% of all interactions across all channels. During a call between a contact center agent and a customer, AI will make use of sentiment, speech, and text analysis to determine the state of a call. The AI will detect if a call falls below satisfactory, allowing for instant rerouting to a specialist that will handle the situation and provide instant feedback on what went wrong during the call. After all interactions are completed, the results of the sentiment, speech, and text analysis will be aggregated into easy-to-read statistics that show which areas of the contact center need improvement.

Read more about how AI can help with QA.


Implementing call center QA creates an efficient contact center that will provide the best customer experience. The best call centers in the world implement QA to ensure every interaction with customers is excellent, keeping customers loyal and happy with the company. 

Implementing QA in your call center can be made easy with Bright Pattern. With QA embedded into its omnichannel call center software, Bright Pattern provides both contact center functionality and quality management tools on one platform. Our new Omnichannel Quality Assurance software is embedded in our call center software, providing real-time monitoring, real-time reporting and intervention, and access to our built-in AI. Click here to learn about how you can implement quality assurance on all your channels!

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