Call Center Software for Small Business: What to Look For

Call center software used to be only accessible to large corporations with the resources and money to house an on-premise solution. Today, however, call center software for small businesses is both affordable and practical. Effective, advanced contact center software is a must for any business looking to provide seamless, personalized customer experiences. There are many features that businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses, should look for when choosing the best call center software.


Small businesses are unique in that oftentimes they don’t have the resources for an on-premise solution like large corporations do. As a result, small businesses need a contact center solution that provides flexibility and agility for its agents.

Contact center software based in the cloud provides the flexibility and agility that small businesses need. A cloud customer experience platform removes the need to rely on traditional, on-premise solutions. This means being able to setup and run a call center system with advanced features no longer needs expensive hardware and professional IT teams to manage it. Features like advanced call routing, advanced queue, workflow management, predictive dialing, interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI) and automatic call distribution (ACD) are all accessible through the cloud. Being based in the cloud means your business will get new features constantly with at little to no cost. This makes operating a contact center affordable and accessible, allowing smaller businesses to deliver exceptional customer service.

Cloud contact center software also gives your small business access to any channel of communication without the hassle of having to manage it. Your can support customers over voice calls, email, text/SMS, live chat, social media, and more. By using a cloud-based call center solution, your call center agents can reach customers and callers on any channel and provide phone support for a fraction of the cost.

Bright Pattern’s call center solutions are based in the cloud, giving you full access to basic call center features like IVRs for routing to the right agent for phone support, ACDs for improved workflow, and predictive dialers to reach a large customer base. Bright Pattern also keeps you updated with new features without the hassle.


For small businesses, building customer relationships and loyalty is crucial for success in today’s world. This means ensuring that every interaction in your call center is exceptional and seamless for the customer. 

Monitoring interactions in a call center can be a daunting task. Traditionally, supervisors and managers are tasked with reviewing call recordings and interactions between a customer and a liveagent to ensure that the quality of interactions on all communication channels was exceptional and consistent. In reality, as few as 1% of interactions are reviewed due to the sheer volume of calls and inability to monitor channels other than voice. For small businesses, quality assurance can be near impossible due to limited resources and time to monitor and rate all of the interactions. 

For businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses, built-in quality assurance within a contact center solution is a must. By having a native embedded quality management system, there is no need to translate the data and information from your phone system, CRM system, and contact center system into a third-party platform. This means you can get instant access to feedback and ratings on agent performance without the hassle of having to support or handle multiple platforms. 

A natively embedded quality management system should also have artificial intelligence (AI). Implementing automation into your QA strategy will allow your supervisors to monitor 100% of all interactions on all communication channels in your call center. AI can be tailored with customized analytics and metrics that suit the channels your small business needs to cover. Through the use of AI analytics within a QA system, you can help improve workforce optimization and create an efficient call center that provides excellent customer experiences.


For small businesses, providing exceptional customer experiences is crucial when building customer loyalty and relationships. Whether you’re a sales team looking to close the deal, a service team providing phone support, a telemarketing team making sales calls, or a help desk providing customer support, CRMs can help boost the customer service your small business delivers. Integrating your call center system to a customer relationship management (CRM) system makes delivering exceptional customer experiences easy and seamless. CRM integration gives your call center agents the ability to keep track customer interactions on all of your communication channels. 

Through CRM integrations, your agents will have access to records of previous customer interactions with your business. Things like call recordings, phone numbers, previous queries, chat logs, and customer information are all accessible to your agent, giving your customer service agent the information to provide a great customer experience. 

Bright Pattern’s call center solutions integrates with your existing systems of records and all major CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.


In the modern day, customers want to connect with your business on all channels. Businesses big and small are expected to handle voice calls, emails, SMS/text messages, social media messages, voicemails, live chats, and more. Handling these different channels can be challenging and often create a disjointed experience for the customer. 

Omnichannel call center software fixes these issues and provides your customers with a seamless, personalized experience. For example, callers are able to dial in to your call center, then switch over to text message mid-conversation, then switch to another channel of their choice. 


Bright Pattern is the only leading vendors in the call center software industry that can enable true omnichannel customer experiences at an affordable price. Geared for businesses of all sizes, Bright Pattern’s call center software allows you to seamlessly communicate with customers on any channel, like voice calls, SMS/text messaging, email, video calls, and more. Bright Pattern allows you to seamlessly switch between channels while maintaining the context of the conversation. Bright Pattern also provides comprehensive CRM integrations and an easy-to-use Agent Desktop with screen pop functionality. Our software can be used by any kind of business, including small businesses delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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