Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the hottest trends. Almost every business understands that value of AI, whether it’s to streamline business processes or deliver a better customer experience. AI as a word, however, has been watered down over the past decade, and the definition and application of AI can be confusing for many seeking to implement AI for the first time. What does having AI mean in the CX industry? How can AI be implemented for the biggest impact? And in light of current global events, how can AI be deployed in a remote workforce?

AI implementation is a goal for many contact centers. In a Bright Pattern-sponsored AI survey conducted by Canam Research, 78% of contact centers in the U.S. report plans to deploy artificial intelligence in their contact center in the next 3 years. An overwhelming 97% of all survey respondents reported plans to use artificial intelligence to support agents as opposed to 7% who plan to use AI to replace some or all of their current call center staff.

Top contact center goals for implementing AI were cost savings, expanding self-service, minimizing customer wait times, improving CSAT, empowering agents, and increasing ROI. For 57% of respondents, the goal was to reduce call center costs with AI, while for 45% of respondents, the goal was reducing wait times. Most respondents also expressed interest in using AI to power email, voice, and chat interactions. AI will also play arole in the next wave of contact center quality assurance innovation with AI that can measure the quality of 100% of interactions (including digital channels) removing manual and time consuming aspects of QM.

The benefits of AI are well-established and AI can be used to tackle even the most challenging obstacles that a contact center faces. AI is versatile and can be adapted to suit any situation including virtual contact centers with remote workforces. Implementing a remote workforce presents many unique challenges that CX leaders must tackle to be on-par, or even better than, a traditional contact center, this is where AI can help.

If you are wondering how to deploy AI for remote contact centers read our new ebook “Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces.”

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