Contact Center Challenges of a Remote Workforce

Implementing an effective remote workforce that is just as productive as traditional, on-premise teams can be tricky. A remote workforce presents unique challenges and hurdles that CX leaders and contact center managers have to overcome to provide great, seamless customer experience.

One challenge for a remote workforce is simply the lack of face-to-face contact between colleagues. A remote workforce means all employees are connected virtually through the internet, removing face-to-face interactions and the ability to get instant help from colleagues on pressing issues. As a result, collaboration on issues and instant assistance among agents is much harder in a remote workforce.

Another challenge for a remote workforce is uniting a team that is scattered across the country, or even the globe. A remote workforce lets agents work virtually anywhere, opening up challenges in promoting teamwork and company culture within the team. The issue of timezones exists as well for a global team, making collaboration and meetings hard to schedule.

For a remote workforce, quality assurance is also harder to implement. With agents being scattered across the globe and working virtually, it is harder for managers and administrators to implement an effective quality assurance program that can monitor interactions on all channels.

Finally, a remote workforce is likely to experience silos more easily. With agents being separated physically from one another, seamless and effortless communication is harder. This creates the risk of divisions, or silos, within the team, which can cause the customer experience to be more disjointed, negatively affecting customer satisfaction metrics.

Overcoming the challenges that come with a remote workforce can be done easily, however. Implementing the right technology and having the right systems in place can make the hurdles that come with a remote workforce easy to jump over. For tips and advice on what the right technology is and how to seamlessly integrate AI into a remote workforce, check out the full “Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces”.

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