Don’t Let Coronavirus Impact Call Center Agents and CSAT

As the coronavirus spreads worldwide, executives are looking for ways to protect their companies and workforce against the virus and mitigate any direct impacts it may have on business. And because federal health officials believe the outbreak could persist in the United States into next year, it’s not crazy for both small and large businesses to consider the impacts the virus may have on their organization and create a plan that protects its operations and people. Contact center agents are the face of many businesses and these key employees are the lifeblood of many companies; protecting and supporting them is critical to every company’s success.

Remote work has been advised by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and nearly half (46%) of organizations have implemented work from home policies because of the COVID-19 epidemic, including companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s Head of Human Resources, believes that the way companies work will never be the same, saying, “People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way. Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective. I do think we’ll go back.”

Some industries and departments can work remotely relatively easily while others require work to be done in person. Where does the call center lie? At Bright Pattern, we believe that call centers can work just as, if not more, efficiently with a remote workforce.

Protect Your Call Center Operations with a Remote Workforce

Having a remote workforce during a natural disaster or pandemic ensures the safety of your call center agents and prevents the potential spread of disease. 

A remote workforce has many benefits outside of being safer during a pandemic. Call center agents benefit from working from home by having more flexible work hours, no dress code, and no commute. Studies also show that at-home workers are not only happier and less likely to quit but also more productive. As long as work from home agents are provided with the technology and tools needed to perform their job seamlessly at home, CSAT and other call center KPIs will improve. 

Organizations with work from home agents save money associated with call center operations and facilities (A Harvard Business Review Study estimated that it saved $1,900 per employee over nine months). Work from home is also ideal for businesses with seasonal fluctuations or those looking to attract key talent outside of their geography.

Cloud Technology Is Key

The key to deploying a work from home program is investing in cloud technology that allows your agents to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. This can be done by accessing a virtual agent desktop.

Three Ways Cloud Computing Enables a Remote Workforce

  1. Cloud computing provides flexibility – when using cloud technology, agents can access the exact same information that they would typically access in their office from anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  2. Increases security for remote working – although security is a major reason larger companies refuse to move from premise to the cloud, cloud computing can actually increase a businesses overall security levels.
  3. Scalability – whether you are a seasonal business or looking to grow your business, cloud computing enables a large increase in work-from-home employees very quickly. New employees can use their own devices (meaning no hardware fees) and there is no need for additional office space and furniture.

The Bright Pattern Solution

The Bright Pattern cloud-based virtual call center solution meets the challenges of a remote call center and enables you to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world across all time zones. With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel virtual call center software, a virtual call center agent can see the entire customer journey across all communication channels and thereby provide a meaningful and personal virtual customer experience even if they are thousands of miles away.

Our new mobile desktop also enables agents to work from their personal cell phone while at home or on-the-go with the ability to both handle calls and chat with customers. The mobile desktop provides the same agent desktop view that agents are familiar with for efficient and seamless customer service.

Whether you have been looking to deploy a remote workforce for a while now, or just recently due to the spread of the coronavirus, Bright Pattern may be the solution for you!

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