Do You Measure User Satisfaction? How to Measure Satisfaction in Your IT Service Management

Collecting user feedback and customer satisfaction data is important for any IT organization that is looking to improve the end user experience. Measuring user satisfaction is an important part of any quality management process that an IT service provider or call center is implementing. Many leaders in the ITSM industry are taking note of the importance of measuring user satisfaction. In a recent trend report conducted sponsored by Bright Pattern to research trends in ITSM and ESM channels, it was shown that many leaders in the ITSM industry, listed improving customer and employee satisfaction as their top initiative. As shown in the chart below, improving the customer experience is a top initiative, with almost half of the respondents rating that initiative as the number 1 initiative.

Even though improving end user satisfaction is listed as a top initiative for ITSM organizations, many survey respondents actually don’t measure user satisfaction. When asked “Do you measure user satisfaction today and, if so, what is the current rating?”, as many as 32% of respondents responded saying that they do not measure user satisfaction and don’t collect customer feedback.

By not measuring user satisfaction and getting customer feedback, it is very challenging to improve the end user experience and find out the specific points within the end user journey to target and improve. So how can your ITSM organization measure user satisfaction and collect customer feedback?

Utilize the Correct Metrics

One of the best ways to measure user satisfaction is to ensure that your quality management system is measuring end user satisfaction using the correct metrics. There are many KPIs that your IT help desk, service desk, or contact center can utilize to measure performance. These KPIs include average call handling time, first call resolution percentage, call abandonment rates, average hold times, and average call idling time. With KPIs, your help desk supervisors can focus on the key pain points or areas of friction in the end user journey within your ITSM organization.

Measure Quality on All Digital Communication Channels

Ensure that your help desk or service desk platform can measure quality on all channels, both traditional and emerging digital channels. Ensure that your supervisors can measure user satisfaction on channels like voice, email, text and SMS, messenger apps, in-app communication. With the right platform, you can allow your supervisors to easily measure quality on all channels and get unified reporting of all channels into one, easy-to-read report. By monitoring all communication channels with an omnichannel platform, your help desk supervisors can ensure that end user experience on all channels is exceptional.

Automating Collection of Customer Feedback on Any Channel

Finally, one of the best ways to measure user satisfaction and finding specific pain points for end users is through their feedback. However, collecting end user feedback can be challenging, since many end users may often skip high-effort surveys and many agents can spend a lot of time trying to collect user feedback if they’re doing it manually. To lower the amount of time your help desk spends collecting customer feedback, find a platform that can automate the sending of customer surveys and questionnaires over any channel that the customer finds convenient. With the Bright Pattern platform, for example, Bright Pattern’s omnichannel capabilities and automation features allows your help desk to send low-effort surveys on any channel, like SMS, messenger apps, and emails.

To implement the right ITSM framework and ITSM processes in your organization, you need the right ITSM tools for the job. Check out Bright Pattern’s latest ITSM and ESM Trend Report for how you can adapt your IT organization to the demands of 2021.

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