How to Utilize Omnichannel QM

It’s halloween this week and things are getting spooky! Frightening costumes, creepy stories, and wild trick-o-treaters are all coming back for one day of the year to scare us. But there may be something even scarier that is present all the time right in your contact center!

Poor customer satisfaction and the prospect of spooking customers with poor service is scary for every contact center. Ward off bad service and make sure you never scare off customers again with omnichannel quality management. In this blog, we’ll check out how to utilize omnichannel conversation and omnichannel quality management for a frighteningly good customer experience.

The Corn Maze of Customer Experience

Corn mazes may be a fun activity during spooky season, but weaving your way through the customer journey with frustrating IVRs and siloed communication channels is a nightmare! An omnichannel platform is no longer a “want” but a “need” for any company wanting to provide effortless customer experience across multiple channels. Omnichannel means communication across all channels is easy and allows for seamless switching between channels. Digital channels that can be added include SMS, text messaging, chat bot, email, voice chat, video call, and others.

Don’t stop there, because the only thing spookier than a siloed customer experience, is not being able to track customer satisfaction on all channels. To ensure there are no skeletons hidden in the closet, you need full vision into the performance of all interactions, even on digital channels.quality management. Having an omnichannel platform can allow your quality management system to reach all necessary channels, allowing you to monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels.

Artificial Intelligence Is No Longer Scary But Necessary for a Spooktacular Experience

Best-of-breed AI can help streamline quality management. Through sentiment and text analysis, AI can power quality management and detect quality no matter what channel is being monitored. This information can then be compiled into an easy-to-read format for contact center managers and supervisors to utilize for training and feedback purposes.

One great way that AI can help is through real-time intervention. AI, through sentiment and text analysis capabilities, can detect when a customer has been spooked  and instantly routes that call to a retention specialist. Chat transcripts and information can then be saved and accessed later by a manager or supervisor for retraining and feedback.

Agents Are the True Superheros of Halloween

Through omnichannel quality assurance, agents can be empowered and perform with higher efficiency. Utilizing call transcripts and interaction details, comprehensive training programs can be created that can help properly train agents and ensure they are capable in every interaction.

Through proper training agents can better solve customer issues and provide quicker, better service. Empowering agents with an omnichannel platform with omnichannel quality management in your contact center can help improve efficiency, create happier agents, and improve customer satisfaction… even on a full moon.

The Bright Pattern Solution

Bright Pattern’s solution has all of the things that every quality management system needs, and more. Our solution has best-of-breed AI, omnichannel capabilities, full CRM integrations, and is based on a reliable cloud provider. Bright Pattern can power your quality management system and improve CSAT in your contact center.

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From everyone at Bright Pattern, we hope you have a fun, spooky, and safe Halloween!

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