How Long Should It Take to Set Up an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center?

If I were to ask a room full of customer service managers and customer experience executives how long they think it takes to set up an omnichannel contact center, there would be a very mixed response. Some might say one week, others might say one month, while some will get a pit in their stomach and say one year.

To be honest, the time it takes to set up a call center does vary. It varies by industry, company size, number of channels, number of business units, and more. Apart from the internal reasons, it also depends heavily on the contact center vendor you decide to partner with and its technology.

Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

As you all know by now there are many benefits in cloud technology including but not limited to lower capital expenditure, lower cost of internal IT team, automatic software updates, and availability to innovative technology, better uptime and disaster recovery, option for at-home or virtual agents, increased security and compliance, and much  more.

Benefits of an Omnichannel Contact Center

There also has been a lot of buzz around omnichannel. First of all, if you need a refresh on the difference between multichannel and omnichannel, I recommend reading our e-book, Top Ten Keys: Creating, Measuring, and Improving Omnichannel Journeys

Some of the benefits of omnichannel include happier agents through technology that actually works seamlessly between channels and is easy-to-use, empowered managers and supervisors through omnichannel quality management and reporting, and most importantly, loyal customers who can connect with your company on any channel, from any device, anytime and anywhere with options to move freely across channels while interacting with the same agent.

Setting up an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center

Like I said previously, setup time can vary greatly depending on your own internal needs, but it should be relatively easy for a cloud contact center vendor to get you up and running. Bright Pattern has been known to get companies’ contact centers ready in weeks instead of months. Bright Pattern is consistently the fastest platform to deploy in the industry at half the time of other leading vendors. Bright Pattern also has the fastest ROI payback time. For more information, check out the G2 Crowd Report that analyzes performance among all the CCaaS providers. This is all possible with our Customer Success team and our BrightStart Apps.

BrightStart Apps

BrightStart Apps are preconfigured, instantly deployable solution packs that can help you get your omnichannel contact center ready faster than you ever thought possible. BrightStart Apps are provided as part of initial setup and can be configured at no cost. The apps are created easily using our drag and drop customer journey builder. 

Initial apps include:

  • Proactive Webchat for Priority Customer App
  • Conversational IVR App
  • Omnichannel Digital Starter App
  • Bots and Humans App
  • Omnichannel QM for Supervisors App
  • AI Assist for Agents App
  • Priority Routing App

Want in-depth info on how to get omnichannel journeys in your contact center? Check out our Top Ten Keys: Creating, Measuring, and Improving Omnichannel Journeys ebook. 

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