How to Choose the Best Mobile Call Center Software for Your Business

Call centers in the digital age need to adapt to rapidly changing digital transformation. With the emergence of new channels, especially mobile channels like messenger apps, mobile apps, SMS and texting, and more, call centers need mobile call center software that can support all of these emerging channels. Here are the things to look for in your call center software to ensure that your mobile call center software can support the mobile channels that your business needs to interact with customers and clients.

Make Sure Your Call Center Supports Mobile Channels

One of the most important things that your mobile call center software needs is the ability to support all mobile channels that customers want to connect with your business on. These channels include mobile channels like messenger apps, mobile apps, text messaging, and SMS.  Furthermore, these channels should be natively-built into the platform along with all other channels. Ensure that the call center software that you choose integrates these channels with all other channels in a seamless way, rather than relying on third-party integrations and bolt-ons to support these channels. By ensuring that the call center software that you choose supports these mobile channels, you can deliver a seamless experience on these channels for both your agents and customers.

Ensure Supervisors Can Track Performance on Mobile Channels

Another thing to ensure that the call center solution that you choose has is the ability for supervisors to easily monitor performance and metrics on mobile communication channels. This means supervisors should be able to easily monitor KPIs and metrics on channels like messenger apps, mobile apps, text messaging, and SMS. By giving supervisors the power to monitor these mobile channels, your call center can ensure that 100% of all interactions on these channels are high-quality and build strong customer relationships.  Furthermore, supervisors should be able to track all channels seamlessly on top of mobile channels. This means seamlessly tracking channels like voice, email, video chat, web chat, messenger apps, text messaging, SMS messaging, and more from a single Unified Agent Dashboard. In order to do this, your call center solution needs to be built for omnichannel capabilities.
Omni QM

Identification Capabilities with Seamless CRM Integrations

The final thing to look for when deciding on a call center software that will support communication over mobile channels is an omnichannel platform that can seamlessly include mobile channels as part of one customer conversation with other channels, like voice, email, web chat, and more. Having an omnichannel platform means all of these communication channels are part of one conversation, and customers and agents can switch between these channels without losing the context of the conversation.  Bright Pattern’s cloud-based platform is built to be true omnichannel, and all communication channels are natively-built into the platform. This means interactions over voice, email, text messaging, SMS, mobile apps, messenger apps, web chat, and more are all part of one conversation, and the conversation can be switched to any of these channels easily while maintaining the context of the conversation. Since these communication channels are built into the Bright Pattern platform, there is no need for bolted-on systems or third-party integrations for omnichannel communication over mobile and traditional channels.
Bright Pattern's Omnichannel Platform
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