How to Improve Inbound Call Center Conversion

Many inbound call centers focus on converting callers into sales. Especially for businesses and retailers that need to sell to consumers and perform upselling, inbound call center conversion is critical for business success, especially in the modern age where call centers and the customer experience delivered through them is more important than ever. Here are some tips on how your call center can improve customer conversion from inbound calls.

Support All Communication Channels

The first thing your business call center should do is support communication channels that customers want to connect with your business on. In the digital age, customers are rapidly switching up which channels they use. Nowadays, many customers are on channels like messenger apps, SMS and text messaging, and web chat.  To reach these customers and increase the size of the audience that is coming to your business, your business should adapt and meet these customers on the channels that they use. This means meeting customers on channels like voice, email, web chat, video chat, messenger apps, SMS, text messaging, and more. Find a call center platform that can support these communication channels so your call center can reach more customers.
Omnichannel Software

Effective Agent Training and Motivation

Another way to improve inbound call center conversion is through effective and proper agent training and motivation. Call center agents are the backbone of the call center, and are the ones who are interacting with customers that are calling in. This means that proper training and motivation of agents can go a long way in improving the customer experience, thereby improving inbound call center conversion. 

Training agents can be done through quality management depending on the call center platform. For example, omnichannel quality management software allows your supervisors to track agent performance on 100% of interactions on every channel, meaning they can see every interaction and decide how to train agents based on customer behavior and feedback. With the right call center platform, supervisors can review detailed information about each interaction and refine agent training. With detailed information and analytics, call centers can train agents on the exact techniques and scripts to follow to improve inbound call center conversion.

Quality Management

Personalize the Customer Experience

Personalizing the customer experience is one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and improve call center conversion. Personalizing the customer experience can be done in numerous ways, including utilizing an omnichannel platform, allowing customers to switch between channels while following the context of the conversation, following the customer journey and reaching out to them at multiple touchpoints, and utilizing self-service. Depending on the platform, personalizing the customer experience can be easy.

With Bright Pattern, for example, there are many advanced call center tools that can help your call center personalize the customer experience and improve call center conversion. Bright Pattern’s call center software provides tools like AI-powered conversational IVR, advanced CRM integrations with detailed activity history, omnichannel communications, omnichannel quality management, and more.

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