How to Manage Remote Teams Around the Globe

With a virtual contact center solution, contact center managers and admins have the ability to hire talent from across the globe. A contact center with a remote workforce that’s based in the United States can have talent from any continent on the globe, attracting a talented workforce while helping the call center maintain promises of 24/7 support.

While having a remote workforce with employees from around the globe can help deliver truly 24/7 support and lead to a very talented workforce, managing a global workforce can be a tedious task for call center managers. With many different time zones and backgrounds, ensuring quality and efficiency in a global remote workforce is challenging and may be more than management can handle. Luckily, in the digital age, there are modern tools that help ensure interaction quality and workforce productivity globally.

Global Software Capabilities

An issue that some contact centers may have when it comes to having a remote workforce is the limitations of voice quality and call distribution due to software limitations. The farther a call has to stretch geographically, the more likely voice quality becomes a major issue. Having a global remote workforce means having software that is capable of handling distances of tens of thousands of miles. Many customers would prefer talking to agents who are in the same geography and locality as well, meaning calls should be prioritized for local agents. Keeping global agents working seamlessly with high voice and work quality is the stepping stone to having a successful global workforce.

With Bright Pattern’s contact center platform, this is prevented through the use of advanced ACD software, which intelligently distributes calls and routes callers to the optimal agent. Bright Pattern maintains several local points of presence and a large portfolio of telecom providers to ensure that callers are connected directly to agents who are located in the same geography. Customers are only routed to remote locations if the local agent is not available.

Bright Pattern’s software also enables management and admins to manage contact centers centrally. Call centers can be set up and managed individually. Factors like quality management resources, dialing plans, and routing rules can be defined globally and executed locally.

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AI-Powered Quality Assurance

A strong, efficient quality assurance system can ensure easy quality assurance on 100% of interactions on all channels across the globe. Call center managers can utilize a quality assurance system to monitor interactions between customers and agents, and use this data to properly train agents and ensure customer satisfaction.

With Bright Pattern, AI powers quality assurance for a seamless, easy experience for call center management. AI can utilize sentiment and text analysis to monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels anywhere across the globe, ensuring that quality is maintained on every continent. The data collected from every interaction is aggregated into an overall scorecard for each individual agent, giving managers and admins access to quick information about any employee across the globe. With an efficient, AI-powered quality assurance system, contact centers can ensure quality across the globe on every single interaction.

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Efficient Collaboration Tools

One challenge when it comes to having a global workforce with talent from across the world is collaboration. With many different backgrounds and time zones, it may be hard for a team based in one continent to collaborate with a team based in another continent. A remote workforce also doesn’t have the ability to see each other face-to-face and quickly seek assistance or discuss strategies.

Fortunately, there are new digital tools that help facilitate collaboration remotely. In the modern workplace, many companies are turning to digital communication platforms for workplace collaboration. Tools like Microsoft Teams are great tools that connect global teams together efficiently. A remote workforce can connect with each other in real-time and seek assistance whenever needed. Bright Pattern’s contact center platform integrates with Microsoft Teams, meaning agents can quickly collaborate during a customer interaction or when an issue arises.

Finding a Time that Works for All

Having a remote workforce means meetings and team sessions need to be done with some flexibility. Due to differing time zones, agents and management need to collaborate to find a time that works best for everyone when it comes to meetings and team sessions. This means flexibility for both the agent and management on meeting and collaboration times, and the willingness for collaboration and meetings after normal business hours.

With the use of software like Microsoft Teams, these global meetings can happen effortlessly and seamlessly. But due to differing time zones, agents may have to join at odd hours and be willing to meet briefly after business hours for the team. Building strong relationships between management and employees can help facilitate these meetings and provide the flexibility needed for agents to agree to meeting outside of business hours in their timezone.

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