How to Measure the Quality of Every Interaction of Every Channel

On June 4th, Bright Pattern joined Frost and Sullivan’s Global Vice President of Digital Transformation, Alpa Shah, for a webinar on achieving excellence in CX with AI and omnichannel quality management. Alph shared that in their most recent survey, improving customer experience and satisfaction was the #1 business goal for 2020, with digital transformation as a primary means for achieving CX success. But a common concern for companies that are adding digital channels is how to measure the quality of the interactions.

A Bright Pattern survey on contact center quality management found that companies typically perform quality assurance on their inbound and outbound voice calls, but when moving to a digital or omnichannel model, many contact centers are unsure on how to maintain quality and consistency across new channels. The key here, according to Alpa and Ted Hunting, Bright Pattern SVP of Marketing, is to implement technology that helps you effortlessly track the quality of every interaction regardless of the channel. Hunting explained how AI can be used for quality management to help companies in a variety of ways. 

View the full on-demand recording of the Frost and Sullivan webinar.

Use AI and Sentiment Scores for Quality Assurance

AI and sentiment can be used to achieve large business goals and overall quality assurance with automated sentiment scores on all interactions. Hunting continued to provide use cases where companies can pair sentiment scores with automated business rules that route low sentiment interactions to retention specialists and supervisors. These use cases showed that poor customer interactions can be resolved in-the-moment and agents can receive scores and training immediately.

Use AI to Review Different Segments of Your Business

In addition to day-to-day quality assurance, AI can also be used to drill down and assess specific segments. Ted explained that banks can use this functionality to assess sentiment of different business units like credit cards vs. mortgage. Analytics on this can help companies better understand where additional training is needed. Companies can also track the customer satisfaction across different channels to make sure quality is consistent. It is also possible to monitor quality by customer segment (ie. gold star customers) and evaluate the entire customer journey even as customers use multiple channels.

In the webinar, Ted and Alpa also discussed how to get started with effortless, personal omnichannel conversations and best practices for innovative companies.

For more information on implementing call center AI for an immediate impact and other omnichannel and AI tips, view the on-demand recording of the webinar.

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