How to Track Calls with Your Call Center Software

Quality assurance is one of the most important functions a call center needs to do to ensure high quality customer experiences on every customer interaction. Conducting quality assurance and putting in place an efficient quality assurance system, however, can be challenging and tedious. One of the ways your call center can get a complete view of agent performance and find ways to train agents as well as identify pain points is through tracking calls and call recording. Here are some of the things you can do to track calls in the contact center as well as how to use this information to improve the customer experience. 

Call Recording Software

One of the best ways to track call center interactions is through call recording. Call recording software can help contact centers improve customer service by giving them detailed insight into how interactions are conducted between agents and customers, and give supervisors feedback on how to better train agents. Depending on the platform, call recordings can be captured and stored through a record management system and be included as part of an agent’s or customer’s interaction history, making it easy to access. 

With the right call center software, call recording can happen automatically as agents are conversing with customers. With AI integration and sentiment analysis, call recordings can be stored immediately when an interaction is detected as negative, allowing supervisors to review the call recording software immediately and help them retrain agents. Depending on the platform, call recording can be an easy and effective way to improve customer service in the contact center.

Omni QM​

Getting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the best ways for call centers to get insight into contact center performance. Customer feedback can help call centers pinpoint what is working and what isn’t. When paired with customer information and call recordings from a record management system, businesses can determine exactly where a negative interaction is and find ways to improve upon interactions in the future. 

Getting customer feedback, however, can be challenging. Many customers might not be willing to fill out long surveys or spend more than a minute responding. To increase the amount of customer feedback your call center receives, keep the surveys short and ensure that these surveys are sent right after a call. For example, minimize the amount of open-ended questions there are and utilize star-ratings to simplify the survey for the customer. Offer after-call IVR surveys or send email questionnaires automatically. With the right platform, outbound notifications and outbound messages can be made easy, allowing your call center to send customer surveys right after interactions without needing the agent to perform any unnecessary tasks.

Tracking Metrics

In addition to tracking calls your call center software should automatically track metrics and KPIs. Some important metrics your call center should be tracking include customer satisfaction, average call abandonment rate, percentage of calls blocked, average handle time, first call resolution, after-call work time, and average time in the call queue.

Through reviewing KPIs and utilizing sentiment analysis of customer interactions, your supervisors can effectively track CSAT metrics and other important metrics like first call resolution and average handle time. By combining the information that can be found from analyzing KPIs, you can gain valuable insight into how your call center can become more efficient and deliver even better customer service. 

Identifying Pain Points

Last, but not least, utilizing call recording software and tracking calls can help your supervisors and admin identify pain points within the customer journey. By tracking a poor sentiment interaction from the beginning of their journey with your company till their last touchpoint, your business can get a sense of where the friction exists in the customer journey with your CX organization. By integrating record management systems and CRMs with your call center software, and utilizing AI integration to monitor interactions, your supervisors can easily identify and address pain points and friction that exist in the customer journey. 

Bright Pattern Omnichannel Quality Management and Call Recording

Bright Pattern provides the omnichannel call center platform that your business needs to deliver frictionless CX for customers while providing the tools to help improve the customer journey and agent experience. Bright Pattern’s platform has built-in Omni QM which allows supervisors to perform quality management on 100% of all interactions on all channels. Bright Pattern also utilizes AI-powered sentiment analysis to monitor interactions, and will automatically save call recordings for interactions that are detected as having negative sentiment.

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