Iterate as Needed and Communicate Frequently with Your Remote Agents

We already talked about how strategic planning is vital in times of crisis. However, even the best laid out plans aren’t always perfect. As certain situations become more fluid, the ebb and flow of customer demands and business requirements may change drastically from one day to the next. Iteration is key when deploying remote contact center agents.

Choosing the right platform that can seamlessly evolve with your needs is critical. Spikes in customer traffic may require a business to scale quickly, disruptions to networks or services could result in the need to add or change communication channels, and advanced self-service options or AI-powered bots may be necessary to mitigate wait times. Essentially, keep calm and carry a mindset of continuous improvement along with a robust feedback loop so your teams are constantly in the know.

For other tips on deploying a remote workforce read our new whitepaper “The Comprehensive Contact Center Guide to Deploying a Remote Workforce”.

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