ITSM Tips: Utilize Self-Service

In the IT Service Management (ITSM) field, end users often feel empowered when given self-service options. Self-service can also automate repetitive tasks like password resets and answering commonly asked questions. In a report by Microsoft, titled the “Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report”, Microsoft stated that “more than 90% of customers expect brands or organizations to have an online customer self-service offering, and 60% percent say they have a more favorable view of a brand if that self-service offering is mobile responsive.”

Self-service was rated the #2 initiative of ITSM organizations in a recent survey sponsored by Bright Pattern. Self-service done well is transformational, allowing your help desk or IT service to run 24/7, even when there are no IT analysts available. It also speeds up the help that end users receive, allowing them to access the answers and support they need without having to speak with a live analyst. This brings convenience and ease to both the end user and the help desk.

For an effective self-service system that brings maximum benefits to your help desk or IT organization, there are some best practices you should follow. The most important best practice is to ensure that the self-service your help desk or service desk is providing focuses on the user experience. It must be easy to use and easy to access. Simplicity and convenience are everything for self-service options.

To ensure that self-service is simple and convenient, while focusing on user experience, your help desk or service desk can implement AI. Through Natural Language Processing and speech analysis, AI can assist users through any digital channels, and lead them to the right resource quickly and accurately.

With self-service, customer satisfaction can be improved by up to 10% and call volumes can be reduced by up to 30%. Self-service allows your service desk to work around the clock, letting users resolve issues themselves 24/7, and allows your service desk to reduce wait times for users.

To implement the right ITSM framework and ITSM processes in your organization, you need the right ITSM tools for the job. Check out Bright Pattern’s latest ITSM and ESM Trend Report for how you can adapt your IT organization to the demands of 2021.

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