Omnichannel CX Tip #5: Communicate On Digital Channels of Today and Tomorrow, Including Mobile

There is a new emerging channel that industry analysts predict will quickly surpass web chat and eventually become the most used, and most effortless channel: asynchronous messaging. Though its name is daunting, asynchronous messaging is basically the communication that happens via messaging apps or text messages, that allows customers to stop and pick up the conversation again easily and on their own schedule.

For instance, you may get a text or message back after scheduling a hotel stay via a call or web chat. The message might thank you and ask if you need help with a restaurant recommendation or reservation. You respond when you have time and then the response you get back is instantaneous and according to your schedule. The conversation is persistent, you don’t have to wait on hold, and you can do it when you have time to respond. Messaging is much easier in today’s world of nonstop interruptions.

If you haven’t heard of asynchronous messaging, one channel you have surely heard of is bot-enabled messaging. Bot adoption has quadrupled in the last year with over half of all companies implementing or considering implementing a bot, but most companies are deploying bots as a new silo. It is important that bots are integrated with other channels for a single continuous conversation.

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Ted Hunting

Ted Hunting leads marketing at Bright Pattern, a leader in simplifying and innovating cloud customer service. Previously Ted worked at Genesys where he led North America Marketing with over 15 years in the customer experience industry. Prior to that Ted worked for startups and enterprise software and hardware companies in all marketing functions. In addition to his CX experience, Ted has a background in business intelligence and large scale computing systems. Ted is a graduate of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with a marketing and finance background.


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