Realize Immediate ROI in Service Management by Starting with Specific High-Impact Use Cases

Getting a strong return-on-investment for technology is crucial for CIOs and service management organizations. But did you know you can see immediate ROI as soon as you turn on some new technologies?

Realizing an immediate ROI starts with the implementation of new technology. For instance, ROI will be much faster if innovative technology was introduced for high-impact use cases within the framework of ITSM processes. Start with use cases and tasks that need to are high-volume and well-defined. One example is password reset. As many as 40% of all help desk calls are related to password resets. The load these calls can place on the help desk is significant. This volume, paired with the fact that the average cost of a help desk call in North America is approximately $15.56, makes password resets one of the most expensive tasks that IT service providers must support. While password resets are very simple to do, the sheer volume of password reset requests makes them a drain on help desk staff.

By utilizing automation on password resets, an IT team can see immediate ROI through the decreased volume of password resets, saving your help desk money instantly and improving the productivity of help desk analysts in handling more important tasks.

Another high-impact use case is outbound notifications through digital channels. End users want to be kept up-to-date, and having analysts send manual notifications to users can be time consuming and costly. Instead, automating outbound notifications and sending them through any channel, like text messaging, messaging apps, and social media, is much more efficient and effective. Automating outbound notifications can save your contact center time and money from day one, allowing you to see an immediate return-on-investment and happier users.

By implementing advanced technology for high-impact use cases, you can expect to see an immediate return-on-investment while bringing much needed innovation to the IT organization and the service management team

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