RoboCops – Deploying AI for Call Center Quality Assurance

Call center quality assurance is a daunting challenge that contact centers face. Thousands, sometimes millions, of interactions go through contact centers on a daily basis, making it impossible for manager and team leads to effectively monitor all contact center interactions. For many contact centers, only 1% to 2% of interactions on a single channel are being reviewed for quality assurance. Call center QA often occurs after the interaction is finished, meaning that there is no chance of saving an interaction that has gone bad. 

This is quickly changing with the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is rapidly changing the contact center industry, and it is now being implemented into the field of quality assurance. In this blog, we’ll be talking about how AI can be deployed in your contact center for a comprehensive, accurate quality assurance that will improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. 


QA is one of the hardest challenges for call centers to tackle. With the sheer volume of interactions that some call centers have to process each day, monitoring all interactions is impossible. For some call centers, the issue is so severe that only 1% to 2% of interactions on a single channel are monitored for quality assurance, leaving the vast majority of calls and channels unreviewed. 

Call centers are also supporting more channels than ever before, such as email, web chat,and text. Rather than having an omnichannel QA system that can integrate all of these channels, many call centers utilize a multichannel system where these channels are bolted-on. This leads to silos, where these different channels become separate from one another. Many call centers utilize outdated systems like spreadsheets to keep up with all of these channels. This makes quality assurance of an entire customer journey extremely hard, and leads to more complications when implementing a quality assurance system. 


Implementing AI into your call center quality assurance program can have tons of benefits that will boost the productivity of your contact center and the happiness of your clients. 


Having AI built in to your system allows you to monitor 100% of interactions that are happening in your contact center. Using sentiment, text, and speech analysis, AI is able to monitor every interaction between an agent and a customer and give it a rating based on how the call went. Using metrics that you can set, AI can rate a call and detect call satisfaction. This enables you to get a much more comprehensive and accurate view of the overall quality of the interactions that are coming through your call center. 

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AI is very customizable and can be tailored to suit the needs of your contact center. With the emergence of new channels like text, messaging apps, and video call, contact centers are constantly adding new channels to their call center software and implementing an effective QA system is becoming harder. By implementing AI with your call center quality assurance system, the AI can be tailored with customized metrics to suit the channels that your contact center needs to cover, allowing you to monitor interactions across all channels. Utilizing speech, text, and sentiment analysis, AI can rate the call based on this data and alert a manager or QA specialist on what channels need improvement and what channels are doing very well. 

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An advantage of having AI monitor interactions is the ability to perform real-time monitoring. Real-time monitoring allows immediate intervention when an interaction becomes negative. If an interaction becomes unsatisfactory and the customer is at risk of leaving, AI can detect this and automatically reroute the call to a manager or retention specialist. Immediate intervention is crucial in.


Having AI perform QA ensures that agents are given an objective review of their performance. AI is capable of giving accurate, unbiased assessments of agent performance or customer interaction through sentiment analysis of text and speech records. This means better quality feedback for the agent and more accurate judgement of the quality of the interactions in the contact center. 

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With the benefits of implementing AI for improving customer service, many companies are making the move toward implementing AI in their contact centers. AI is the future of tech, and adopting it is necessary to stay modern and up-to-date. 

Bright Pattern can help you implement AI in your Contact Center QA system. With AI built into our omnichannel call center software, utilizing AI to help your contact center will be a breeze.

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