Seamless Integrating Microsoft Teams into the Contact Center with Gapcloud

Microsoft Teams is one of the premier business communication platforms that companies and organizations use to promote internal communication, teamwork, remote work, and knowledge sharing. Microsoft Teams is one of the largest business communication platforms in the world, with over 200 million active users. Many businesses, especially contact centers, rely on Microsoft Teams for internal communication and need a platform that can easily support Teams and integrate it as part of their operations. Gapcloud, a telecommunications partner, was working with Telikom, an innovation leader and telecommunications provider in the South Pacific region, to implement Microsoft technologies and products into their call center platform. 

Telikom primarily utilized a Microsoft Skype for Business UC platform, which required substantial in-house IT expertise and resources to maintain and update. Telikom needed a modern platform that can reduce their dependence on expensive on-premise hardware, improve flexibility and reliability, and add flexibility to the customer experience. When searching for a new solution for Telikom to utilize, Gapcloud recommended the Bright Pattern cloud-based contact center platform. 

Bright Pattern’s call center platform is fully omnichannel and utilizes advanced call center technology, like AI integrations, seamless CRM integrations, omnichannel communications, and more. All of these features are made available through the cloud, meaning Telikom did not need to maintain on-premise hardware or a on-site professional IT team

More importantly, Bright Pattern’s platform provides seamless Microsoft Teams integrations through open APIs. Bright Pattern’s call center platform provided an easy integration with Microsoft Teams that allowed the Microsoft Teams platform to live within the Bright Pattern unified agent desktop. Integrating Microsoft Teams into the Bright Pattern platform means that all the features that make Microsoft Teams so popular are also accessible through the Bright Pattern unified agent desktop. Bright Pattern allows agents to see user availability in the contact center through MS Teams, allowing agents to see whether a teammate is available, busy, away, or offline. Teams and groups are also preserved and displayed through the Bright Pattern platform, and the workforce on the Microsoft Teams integration can be divided into groups, much like the actual Microsoft Teams platform. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams can live within the Bright Pattern platform, allowing agents to switch over to Microsoft Teams within the unified agent desktop without having to switch to another screen. 

With the right platform, integrating technology like Microsoft Teams can be easy and seamlessly. As stated by Stuart Marsh, Regional Director at Gapcloud, “Within weeks of going live, we brought another one of the business divisions onto Bright Pattern because it was just so easy to scale up”.

Microsoft Teams Call Center Software
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