Strategies for Optimizing the Customer Experience in an Omnichannel Contact Center

An omnichannel contact center has a very high potential for providing an excellent customer experience. An omnichannel call center allows contact centers to connect with customers and clients on all digital and traditional communication channels seamlessly. This includes channels like voice, email, SMS, texting, messenger apps, video chat, web chat, and more, and allows agents and customers to seamlessly switch between these channels effortlessly without losing the context of the conversation. To optimize customer experience in your omnichannel call center, here are some things your contact center can do.

AI Integrations

Integrating AI into your contact center can help optimize the customer experience in many ways. First, integrating AI into your omnichannel communications can help improve agents and optimize workforce performance. AI can be utilized to help agents perform tasks. For example, AI can utilize sentiment and text analysis to provide real-time sentiment indicators to agents during an interaction. So if a customer’s mood is detected as going negative, agents can be notified of this and they can adapt the conversation to help try to improve the customer’s mood. AI can also be utilized for suggested responses that agents can use during a conversation to quickly reply. Through text analysis, AI can provide suggested responses on the side that agents can quickly click, saving them time.

AI can also assist on the customer side. For example, through speech analytics, AI can be utilized to analyze customer speech within a Conversational IVR menu, personalizing the experience and optimizing the customer experience by leading them to the right resource quickly.

Advanced AI Integrations


Self-service, if done right, is one of the best tools that contact centers can utilize within an omnichannel contact center. If done poorly, however, self-service will only add friction to the customer journey.

To ensure that your self-service is optimizing the customer experience in your contact center, ensure that you’re utilizing powerful, intelligent IVR technology. For extra personalization and even more accuracy, you can utilize AI-powered speech analytics to accurately analyze the customer’s natural language through Natural Language Processing. With personalized self-service, your contact center can improve the customer experience.

Implementing powerful self-service technology has tons of benefits for the contact center as well. With self-service, your contact center can lower queue times, optimize agent performance by lowering less important calls, and quickly lead customers to the right resource, improving first call resolution.

Conversational IVR

Monitor 100% of Interactions on All Channels

One of the best ways to optimize customer experience in an omnichannel contact center is being able to monitor all interactions on all channels. Some platforms make it easy for supervisors and call center admins to monitor all interactions on every channel. Bright Pattern, for example, is natively-built to be omnichannel. Bright Pattern also has Omni QM technology that allows supervisors and admins to monitor interactions on all channels. Data is pulled from interactions on all channels through sentiment and text analysis, and this data is put into an easy-to-understand Unified Reporting Dashboard that allows supervisors and admins to get a bird’s-eye view of the customer experience and customer journey in their contact center. Supervisors can also access specific interaction information through the CRM integrations, and check activity history for specific customers to ensure that every interaction is a high-quality one.

Bright Pattern Omnichannel Call Center Software

Bright Pattern provides the omnichannel call center platform that your business needs to deliver frictionless CX for customers while providing the tools to help improve the customer journey and agent experience. Bright Pattern’s platform has built-in Omni QM which allows supervisors to perform quality management on 100% of all interactions on all channels. Bright Pattern also utilizes AI-powered sentiment analysis to monitor interactions, and will automatically save call recordings for interactions that are detected as having negative sentiment. Optimize the customer experience with a fully capable omnichannel platform.

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