Take Customer Interactions and Self-Service Further with Video

Customers want to connect with companies through their website before any other channel. A survey reports that 83% of customers go to a company’s website for information before using any other channel. Gartner, one of the leading analysts in the industry, states that eventually, customers will perform 85% of their necessary interactions with a business without ever having to connect with a live agent.

Yet, despite the usefulness of self-service in the customer space, it still fails in certain situations. When self-service no longer meets their expectations, customers feel like they have wasted valuable time and they demand a fast resolution with a real person.

You can solve this problem by providing live video support on your website and self-service channels. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) has lowered the cost and barriers to utilize video in customer service and sales departments.

There are many benefits to using video to enhance customer service, including:

  • Provide personalized feedback
  • Gain trust of end users
  • Provide quicker resolution to customers
  • Empower sales representatives to proactively communicate with online customers
  • Decrease the number of walk-in patients (in the healthcare industry) and remotely monitor patient health
  • Virtually walk customers through complex documentation
  • Remotely teach customers how to set up high-tech products
  • Onboard new clients with video interactions
  • Provide easy escalation for consumers on self-service channels
  • Connecting video channels with other channels for one easy, customer journey

Video Use Cases

The Power of Video for Tech Devices

Ever take a TV or electric device home from the store to immediately struggle with the setup? Imagine how much easier it would be to video call a support agent who can walk you through the entire process virtually. On a video call, the support agent can precisely diagnose the issue, instruct you step-by-step on how to set it up, and get your set-up done much quicker than traditional support.

Video Provides a Better Banking Experience

Banking has traditionally been done in person because customers want a human to interact with to help build trust. Video has emerged as a strong channel in the financial industry because it helps build trust virtually. Banks are even putting video support options at ATMs across the globe for instant service with a live representative.

Empowering Healthcare Providers to Provide Personalized Care

It is becoming more important to give your providers and agents the opportunity to connect with patients over video and digital channels. Video calls between patients and healthcare providers can speed up interaction time, reduce in-office visits, and approve prescription medicines fast—all which improve the customer experience.

Escalating to a Voice Interaction from Other Channels

Within self-service channels or web chat, provide a clear way to speak with a live agent on video. The following image shows a great example of WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) within the web chat panel to initiate a video call. Another best practice is to allow a seamless escalation, where the customer remains with the same agent they were working with, but the conversation has been shifted to another channel. This seamless technology can be provided by only a true omnichannel contact center provider like Bright Pattern.

Bright Pattern’s Video Capabilities for Web Chat

Bright Pattern makes it incredibly easy for agents and customers to escalate a live chat to a VoIP call or video chat with the click of a button. Bright Pattern’s channel platform allows for easy channel switching, giving customers and agents the opportunity to communicate on other channels.

Many customers enjoy seeing a live agent during a video chat, but they don’t necessarily want to show themselves on the screen. Conveniently, our video chat configuration always starts calls as audio only, with the option to change to video. Additionally, both parties can turn their cameras on or off during a video session.

For complete details on Bright Pattern’s video capabilities, check out Bright Pattern’s detailed video capabilities overview.

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