Turbocharge Your IT Service Management

Innovation is the top priority of CIOs for the next ten years. Implementing and supporting new, advanced technology across the entire organization is crucial for the success of enterprises. With emerging trends in AI, automation, social platforms, mobile, analytics, and cloud technology, IT Service Management (ITSM) will see major shifts in the coming years. As a result, CIOs are responsible for solving existing business and technology issues from siloed technology, simplifying service management tasks, supporting the business 24×7, and integrating new technologies. Innovation across service management processes will be the #1 reason CIOs will be fired and hired, and it is the key driver for investment in IT Service Management.

Innovation can come in many different forms within the IT organization. This includes adoption of new digital channels to interact with end users, automating tasks within existing processes, implementing practical AI, and refining the user experience through effective, easy to use and seamless self-service. Much of the work performed in service management today will move to self-service channels over the next five years.

With innovation also comes the need to look for risks and ensure a well-defined ROI for every new technology that is implemented. Mitigating risks and receiving guaranteed ROI is a must-have for any innovative CIO to ensure the infrastructure of the business is secure and the IT organization is an emerging leader in the broader enterprise.

For the full guide on how to turbocharge your IT service management, check out Bright Pattern’s newest ebook “How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management”.

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