Utilize QA Tools and Reporting to Track Remote Agent Activity, Goals, and Metrics

Call center QA requires a new approach due to the fact that call centers have been undergoing rapid change and transformation. They have evolved from call centers that only take calls to multichannel contact centers that can handle multiple, yet siloed, channels of communication.

Now, omnichannel contact centers are the newest iteration, being nimble and addressing customers across all communication channels while retaining context for a personalized experience.

In addition to call monitoring and call recording tools that only address the voice channel, the omnichannel contact center requires the ability to measure other channels as well, including email, SMS, social media, chat, messengers, in-app messaging, and more. As customers use more digital channels, an omnichannel call center quality assurance solution becomes mandatory. It is critical for call center managers to measure performance across all channels to deliver a positive customer experience while ensuring consistent levels of service quality.

The modern approach must address all channels, incorporate new technologies (e.g., sentiment, transcription, speech analytics, AI, and others), and achieve maximum automation so that agents’ time is spent on continuous process improvement and delivering optimal levels of customer satisfaction.


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