Why Should You Upgrade Your Call Center Software?

In the contact center industry, having the right call center software can make or break the customer service that your contact center provides. Outdated call center software can hold back your contact center from its full potential, whether it’s due to the inability to incorporate new emerging channels into your contact center capabilities or due to technical limitations that hold your contact center back from providing modern, innovative customer experiences. In this blog, we explain why you should upgrade your call center software and how easy upgrading is due to innovative advancements in cloud technology.

Adapting to the Future of Communication

One of the best reasons for upgrading your call center software is adapting to the latest in emerging digital channels. Customers are beginning to rely on more mobile channels. Especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, customers have become more mobile than ever before. They want to connect with the businesses they love on the channels they use.

With upgraded contact center software, your contact center can easily support new and emerging digital channels. Channels like text messaging and SMS, web chat, messaging apps, and in-app can all be supported by the proper platform.

Having the proper call center platform can also transform how your digital channels are being used in the contact center. With an omnichannel platform, your contact center can connect with customers on any digital channel and switch between channels on-the-fly. For example, a conversation that begins with a chatbot can easily be transferred to a phone call with a live agent, which can then be switched over to a text messaging conversation. Even with all of this channel switching, agents can keep up with the conversation since all of the conversation history is saved for viewing.

Unlocking Your Agent’s Potential

Another reason for upgrading your call center software is the ability to empower your agents and unlock their full potential. Today’s call center platforms, like Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel software, provide tools that assist and empower agents. Tools like built-in quality assurance, AI-powered agent assistance, and sentiment analysis that alerts agents of customer mood are all powerful tools that are only available on the latest contact center platforms.

One of the main tools for unlocking an agent’s potential is AI-powered agent assistance. AI-powered agent assistance allows agents to receive suggested responses during conversations and also displays customer sentiment during an interaction.

Breaking Down the Cost Barrier With the Cloud

Upgrading contact center software has traditionally been an expensive and time-consuming task, especially for contact centers that run on a traditional, on-premise platform. Upgrading contact center software meant upgrading all of the hardware, updating the software, and requiring a dedicated IT team to maintain all of the on-premise technology.

In the digital age, cloud computing has made it possible to easily get access to all advanced contact center functionality with none of the high costs associated with maintaining and upgrading software. For example, Bright Pattern’s platform is based on the cloud and all updates are pushed through the cloud, giving your contact center agents access to powerful contact center tools with just an internet connection.

The cost barrier which kept many contact centers from upgrading to the latest in contact center technology is eliminated with cloud-based platforms, and upgrading your contact center software is easy and effortless.

Bright Pattern’s Call Center Software

Bright Pattern’s platform is cloud-based and omnichannel, allowing you to access the latest and most advanced contact center technology without the high costs associated with running a contact center. Our platform makes upgrading accessible and cost-effective, allowing you to upgrade your platform to adapt to the latest technology trends with just a simple internet connection and download.

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