Wrapping Up 2020 – Our Favorite Content of the Year

2020 was one of the most eventful years in a long time. World events, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other factors have changed many lives around the world. Customer service has also changed over 2020, with many companies having to transform how they provide customer service to adapt with current events.

Luckily, Bright Pattern has always been at the forefront of CX innovation and we’ve been producing content to help you get up-to-speed with the changes happening in the contact center and in the customer service industry. In case you missed any of the great content we wrote this year or needed a refresher, we decided to compile our top-rated content. Here is a peak at what your peers have been reading from Bright Pattern.

Service Management

Turbocharge your IT Service Management with automation, AI-powered omnichannel, and cloud capabilities. Check out the E-book.

Preparing for 2021

Many new trends emerged from the disruption caused by events in 2020, and many of these trends will continue onto 2021. Prepare for the new year up ahead and keep up with the latest trends in the CX industry. Check out the ebook.

Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many companies to shift to a remote workforce setup to comply with government regulations and keep their employees safe. The remote workforce is here to stay, even when the pandemic ends. Learn how you can go remote with Bright Pattern’s ebook.

Capitalizing on the Virtual Economy

Everise, Nearshore Americas, and Bright Pattern teamed up for a joint webinar on how companies can capitalize on the rise of the “virtual experience economy” in 2020, which is set to replace the “experience economy” that we’re used to. Check out the blog for more info.

ABCs of the Post-Pandemic Contact Center

Charles Betz of Forrester and Kevin Smith of the IT Transformation Institute hosted a joint webinar on how to turbocharge your existing ITSM solution and adapt it to the future of service management after the pandemic. Check out the webinar summary here.

Paycheck Protection for COVID-19 Relief

Bright Pattern helps one of the largest financial institutions in the United States transition to a remote workforce to assist with the Paycheck Protection Program for COVID-19 assistance. Through Bright Pattern’s platform, the financial institution is handling nearly 100,000 calls a day in order to process hundreds of thousands of loan applications. Check out the news here.

Contact Testing and Tracing

Bright Pattern has been used by the United Kingdom’s National Health Services and South Korea’s Center for Disease Control to assist in contact tracing and testing. Through Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform, national governments are able to keep track of COVID-19. Check out how in our press release.

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