Who’s Calling

Most people won’t answer a call if they don’t recognize the number. They are, however, more likely to answer if the caller ID shows a number with a familiar area code. Our contact center solution allows you to assign caller IDs based on the geographic location of the dialed numbers, thus improving the likelihood of a call being answered.

Show the Same Area Code

Caller IDs are the numbers that will be displayed to people when they receive calls associated with your contact center’s services and campaigns. At your contact center, you can set up caller IDs for services in such a way that the designated caller ID number is displayed with an area code that happens to be the same as, or geographically closest to, the area code of the dialed number. This option is currently supported for the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Use Custom or Default Caller IDs

The caller ID is specified automatically or defined on a case by case basis. There are many ways in which the caller ID can be displayed:  as a randomly chosen number from a list of defined numbers; as a random number within the state/province, as a number with an area code that’s closest to the dialed number; and as a number that has been assigned to the agent (instead of the corporate number).


  • Assign caller IDs based on the geographic location of the dialed numbers
  • Improve the chances of calls being answered
  • Use randomly chosen caller IDs or specify IDs based on who you call
  • Assign a caller ID that’s the same as the agent who dialed out

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