Save and Playback on Demand

Depending on your contact center practices and the services that you provide, you may be required to repeat the same information during each call, such as a standard company greeting or a policy advisory. Such standard messages can be prerecorded and then played back to the customer during a call, saving agents time and keeping messages consistent and in line with your brand and policies.

Create Standard Greetings

Instead of repeating yourself every time you answer a call, you can designate one of your pre-recorded messages as a standard greeting that will be played to customers automatically (e.g., Welcome toMy name isHow can help you today?). In addition to saving your voice and reducing redundancy, using a standard greeting can improve customer satisfaction, as customers won’t hear boredom, exasperation, or fatigue when you take their call.

Quickly Find Messages for Playback

Agents can select and play messages that were pre-configured by system administrators with respect to various services provided by the contact center. Agents can select their own pre-recorded messages or any that were defined for a service, on the Agent Desktop application during a connected call.

Valuable for Voicemail and Answering Machines

You can use the message playback function to leave a prerecorded message on the called party’s answering machine. A significant time saver, playback of the prerecorded message to the answering machine will continue until the message ends, and the call will then be disconnected automatically.


  • Pre-record messages for instant playback during a call
  • Improve agent efficiency and consistency of announcements
  • Re-record, review, and playback as many times as you want
  • Quickly find all pre-recorded messages in one place
  • Use message playback to leave messages automatically
  • Navigate answering machines and voicemail with ease

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