Bright Pattern Bring Your Own Telco (BYOT) is a voice delivery option that lets you maintain a relationship with your own telecom carrier when your business transitions from an on-premise contact center to the cloud. This feature enables you to establish SIP trunks over the public “Internet” or private MPLS connections, for the ultimate in flexible enterprise cloud communications.

Extreme Flexibility

A number of contact center vendors do not offer the option to bring your own telco, while some are even using a single telco themselves.

With Bright Pattern, you have a choice. We enable you to bring your own telecom provider. We also offer a competitive provider mix, including a number of phone providers for inbound, outbound, toll-free, and international calls. Our options are aimed to maximize cost savings and business continuity.

byot bring your own telco

Bringing Your Own Telco is…

  • Cost effective: You can grandfather your existing rates and lock in low prices
  • Flexible: It’s easy to change solutions later—there’s no vendor lock-in
  • Reliable: Depend on our fault-tolerant architecture that’s available, scalable, and secure
  • Configurable: Create a custom telephony plan for your business, leveraging local carriers and establishing trunk connections and telephony rules


Bright Pattern’s Bring Your Own Telco (BYOT) voice delivery option provides

  • The flexibility to maintain ownership of your telco carrier
  • The option to invest in a competitive broadband mix for all your telephony needs
  • Easy administration via our cloud-based application
  • Full control over telephony—phone numbers, access, and more

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