Contact Center Software for Utility Companies

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Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce the Cost to Serve Your Customers

The critical services you provide are essential to your customers’ lives. Blackouts, broken lines, and other emergencies can put customers in danger, making communications vital for the utilities industry. Providing outstanding customer experience can help you differentiate yourself and improve overall customer satisfaction ratings.

Ease of use, ease of communication with the team, flexibility of adding advanced features, Watson assistance for leveraging speech to text, and sentiment analysis – these things were not available with other providers. With Bright Pattern, it is all easy to activate and set up new, advanced features.

- Francis Ashu, Director of Member Services at United Power
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Powerful Features for Utilities Companies

Proactively Engage with Customers
Proactively notify customers of planned outages or unexpected emergencies over voice with outbound campaigns in self-service channels, or over mobile devices via SMS text or in-app.
You can even create automated SMS text reminders of service appointments or proactively reach out to customers regarding billing changes.
Offer Mobile and In-app Self-service
Allow customers to access information in-app or over other self-service channels. By providing outage and billing information on self-service channels, you can reduce influx of calls during emergencies and reduce customer service costs. You can also provide customers the option to report outages via SMS or in-app and receive updates during emergencies.
Automate Common Inquires
In the utilities industry there are many frequently asked questions and common inquiries, like customers checking on their payment status. Reduce costs by automating common inquires over self-service channels and in your IVR. Even though customers should be able to solve most of their problems in self-service channels, it’s best to always provide an easy way for your customers to speak with a live agent.
Prioritize Calls with IVR
Ensure emergency calls take priority with intelligent routing and IVR functionality. By routing these calls to agents best equipped to handle emergency calls, you can quickly handle the situation and put the customer at ease.
Unified Agent Desktop
Consolidating customer data, communication tools, and easy-to-access information into a single desktop is critical in servicing your customers. The decluttered Agent Desktop puts actionable customer data and knowledge at your agents’ fingertips so they can solve customer problems, not hunt for information. By bringing all customer data to a single screen, agents are empowered to personalize each interaction.

Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Utilities often face challenges such as increased competition, changing regulations, and growing customer expectations. Omnichannel contact center technology can help solve these problems and more. Omnichannel support allows your agents to engage with customers over a variety of channels and proactively reach out to end users when an emergency occurs. Bright Pattern Contact Center software provides you the technology to differentiate yourself from the competition by providing effortless and personalized omnichannel customer service.

AI and Bot Supported Self Service

Advanced automation plus AI and bot technology can help customers quickly find answers to their questions in a self-service environment, reducing your overall cost to serve and empower agents as they focus on more demanding and engaging inquiries.

Omnichannel Cloud Call Center Software for Utility Companies

Utilities customers expect their services to work seamlessly. So, it should be no surprise that they also expect their omnichannel communications to be a seamless experience. To delight customers, provide easy-to-use omnichannel communications for scheduling service visits, paying bills, finding answers to frequently asked questions, and inquiring about outages and emergencies. Bright Pattern can help you offer a consistent omnichannel experience over voice, SMS, mobile, chat, email, video, and social channels

PCI Compliant Call Center Software

Utilities requires higher levels of security and compliance to protect all customer data and avoid litigation. It is important to have special security standards in place to prohibit agents from viewing sensitive information and to protect customer information from outside sources. Bright Pattern is PCI DSS 3.2 compliant and has received an independent third-party compliance certification from CompliancePoint.

CompliancePoint is a skilled team of contact center compliance consultants with a successful history of consulting and auditing Fortune 500 firms and global industry leaders.

Additional Utility Company Call Center Software Features

Unified Agent Desktop
CRM Integration
True Omnichannel
Intelligent Routing
AI-Powered Agent Assistance
Sentiment and Text Analysis
Interactive Voice Response
Built-in Quality Management
WFO and WFM Integration
Call and Screen Recording
Automated Bot Conversations
Drag-and-Drop Scenario Builder
All Digital Channels Supported
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Click-to-Call, Click-to-Chat Capabilities

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    Bright Pattern beat all other CCaaSS vendors for the best ROI and the fastest time to implement by G2 Crowd and customer reviews! Bright Pattern’s low and fixed implementation price, minimal to no professional service fees, and quick onboarding allow our customers to realize ROI in half the time of other CCaaS providers.

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    Hundreds of Five Star Reviews

    The ease of implementation for chat has enabled us to quickly build and turn chat on for our customer facing sites in less than a day.
    Derek G.
    It is an extremely robust, while easy to use software. It can handle massive telephony centers with ease while maintaining competitive telco charges.
    KC R.
    Easy to Administer and Powerful to Use
    Howard Leary II
    The power of predictive dialing technology and the flexibility offered by a first-rate company. With Bright Pattern, we have the ability to be agile and effective.
    Gerardo G
    I use Bright Pattern as an outbound telephone and SMS platform. They have been very helpful!
    William Ayer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bright Pattern is one of the leading vendors for AI-driven omnichannel contact center software. Our contact center software is true omnichannel, allowing you to seamlessly connect with customers over any channel. Bright Pattern has the fastest ROI and the best ease-of-use in the industry.
    Yes! Bright Pattern is fully compliant with all major laws and regulations. Bright Pattern is fully HIPAA compliant, TCPA compliant, GDPR compliant, SOC compliant, and PCI compliant. Read about our other compliances in our compliance page.
    Bright Pattern’s contact center software is flexible, dynamic, and cloud-based. Bright Pattern’s contact center solution can be tailored to any industry and any situation. Request a demo and see how we can tailor Bright Pattern’s solution to your industry.

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