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Bright Pattern Contact Center Software

Frost & Sullivan Solution Spotlight: Omnichannel

Frost & Sullivan highlights Bright Pattern’s omnichannel capabilities, the most advanced and seamless omnichannel platforms in the industry. Bright Pattern allows customers to connect with businesses on all traditional and digital channels, including voice, email, text messaging, SMS, video chat, web chat, chat bot, messenger apps, and more.

Bright Pattern AI-Powered Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Bright Pattern is an AI-powered omnichannel contact center software that has all the key features you need to provide personalized CX, including support of all communication channels, integration with all major CRM and AI tools, self-service options, powerful outbound dialing, and channel switching. All based on the cloud and accessible with a simple internet connection.

Omni-Enterprise CX - Bringing the Whole Enterprise into the Customer Journey

Omni-Enterprise CX is a revolutionary concept that brings the whole enterprise into the customer journey. Bright Pattern Mobile puts Bright Pattern’s contact center software into a mobile app form, which means every employee in a company can get access to call center software. Bring in knowledge workers from outside the contact center into the customer conversation and break down organizational silos.

Omni QM

Bright Pattern’s contact center software was built omnichannel from day one and utilizes powerful AI analytics, making quality management easy and painless. Supervisors are able to monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels, both traditional and digital. Utilize speech and text analytics to find interactions that may have negative customer sentiment, and pinpoint areas of improvement painlessly.

Bright Pattern Helps Gapcloud Implement Microsoft-Based CX Platforms for Enterprises

Bright Pattern partners with Gapcloud to transform businesses into fully Microsoft-Based customer service centers because of Bright Pattern’s easy integrations with Microsoft Products. Bright Pattern uses plug-and-play APIs to easily integrate with products like Microsoft Teams and Dynamics.

Bright Pattern Transforms Brick and Mortar Operations at OfficeWorks

Bright Pattern transforms Brick and Mortar Operations at OfficeWorks with the help of Bright Pattern Mobile. Bright Pattern Mobile allowed retail workers to use the Bright Pattern contact center software in their mobile devices, allowing OfficeWorks retail workers to directly participate in the customer experience. All information and data from the Mobile App is pooled back into Bright Pattern’s database, allowing OfficeWorks to also gain brand new insight into metrics and KPIs on brick-and-mortar operations

Bright Pattern Call Center Software

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