A New Paradigm in Customer Experience for Fortune 1000 Companies

Bright Pattern provides a cloud-based, all-in-one omnichannel solution to Omni Interactions to transform its traditional contact center operations
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Bright Pattern, a leading provider of omnichannel cloud contact center software, helps Omni Interactions improve customer experience by empowering agents with innovative tools to work over multiple channels in any combination, seamlessly.

Omni Interactions provides talent and technology to help companies augment or overhaul their existing contact center operations. Unlike “brick-and-mortar” centers, the Omni Interactions model combines at-home (or remote) agents with a cloud-based infrastructure for a truly virtual, highly efficient, cost effective solution.

Omni Interactions needed a cloud-based, enterprise-ready, contact center platform that was also easy for remote agents to use. It had to integrate with the various CRMs and applications that its customers used. In addition, in order to provide differentiated experiences, it needed to support multiple channels in a way that makes switching from one to another completely transparent to both the customer and the client.

“We looked at several cloud-based companies that offered omnichannel services, and Bright Pattern was the only one to provide everything we need to support our Fortune 1000 clients and our at-home agents in a scalable, reliable, and super easy-to-use package,” said Rob Duncan, CEO of Omni Interactions.

Bright Pattern’s superior cloud architecture is built for security and stability. Because it easily scales from 5 to 10,000 agents, Omni Interactions can offer virtual contact centers that flex up and down with clients’ needs. With a broad set of APIs for customization and enterprise integration, the Bright Pattern platform enables Omni Interactions to connect its at-home agents seamlessly and securely with clients’ enterprise apps and CRMs.

Purpose-built to support omnichannel, Bright Pattern enables Omni Interactions to easily offer new solutions to clients. “When they are ready to add SMS, chat, or social,” Duncan continued, “it’s easy to make that happen through the Bright Pattern platform.”

About Omni Interactions

Omni Interactions works with Fortune 1000 companies to transform traditional contact center operations into cloud-based, omnichannel-ready centers that better support today’s customer expectations for brand interaction. By pairing socially savvy, well-trained remote agents with purpose-built technology, Omni Interactions creates agile, highly efficient, scalable omnichannel contact centers that make a positive impact on the customer journey.

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