Bright Pattern, provider of cloud contact center software, integrates with PaySimple, provider of cloud payment acceptance platform, to provide payment processing features to its customers

Bright Pattern continues to support customer integration needs by providing a large variety of integration accounts and partnerships to help improve contact center efficiencies. PaySimple, a provider of payment processing, is the newest payment processing integration within the Bright Pattern platform.

Omnichannel payment processing integrations bring a multitude of benefits to Bright Pattern customers. Customers can easily build uniquely customized workflows tailored for each individual customers’ experience. The integration also provides simple self-service applications for both on-time and recurring payments. The new feature can also route problem or delinquent accounts to a qualified agent to assist in a more personalized experience over multiple channels.

“In the current omnichannel contact center space, it is critical to have a variety of integrations and options available to customers,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern. “PaySimple is just one of the important integrations Bright Pattern has planned for 2017.”