BPO Selects Bright Pattern As Contact Center SaaS Provider

Bright Pattern, Inc, a leading provider of rich contact center software as a service has announced that an in-sourced domestic business process outsourcing (BPO) provider with attention to detail and service quality has selected Bright Pattern as their cloud contact center software service provider.

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Over 150 representatives are now using Bright Pattern’s technology daily to provide world-class service around the clock.

The primary reasons Bright Pattern solution was selected include:

  • enterprise feature set, including a number of features specific to BPO
  • omnichannel capabilities, to drive service innovation and customer retention
  • stability and high availability
  • integration with the existing workforce management solution

The previous solution used by the customer was reported to be insufficiently stable, requiring high maintenance on each agent’s desktop, and lacking the innovation necessary for the customer to further enhance their service portfolio.

Why are contact centers selecting Bright Pattern?

  • completeness of vision – Bright Pattern’s roadmap is focused on helping to bring contact centers as close as possible to their modern connected customers
  • omnichannel capabilities – with voice, email, video, SMS, in-mobile-app customer service solution, and a number of social messengers, Bright Pattern enables omni-connected, rich contact centers
  • implementation and support team focused on continuous customer success
  • highly available and reliable architecture – even major software upgrades are often performed without downtime

Bright Pattern bridges the growing expectations gap between enterprises and their increasingly more digitally connected customers. Based on an omnichannel platform, architected from the ground up as a cloud-based service, Bright Pattern’s contact center solution offers the right blend of enterprise-grade functionality, reliability, and scalability not otherwise available in the industry. For more information, visit https://www.brightpattern.com/.

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