World Leading Healthcare Company Deploys Bright Pattern Contact Center

Bright Pattern, leading provider of omnichannel cloud contact center software for innovative enterprises, selected by global healthcare and health insurance enterprise to improve customer experience
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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A leading healthcare organization known for simplifying the healthcare experience has recently deployed Bright Pattern Contact Center for its omnichannel contact center platform. The company is one of the world’s largest managed healthcare companies with over 100 million customers. The company plans to continue to simplify patient experience by partnering with Bright Pattern to deliver omnichannel communications and provide customers with digital communication channels like in-app, text, video, and social messengers.

Bright Pattern’s healthcare call center software improves the patient experience and staff efficiency by using an advanced omnichannel platform. The cutting-edge, cloud-based software puts the patient first by providing interactions on traditional and digital channels. By adhering to HIPAA compliance regulations, hospitals and healthcare systems can utilize an innovative and easy-to-use software without fear of legal damages.

Bright Pattern Healthcare Call Center Features:

  • Traditional channels (e.g., voice, email, chat) and digital channels (e.g., in-app, SMS, video, social messengers, and bots)
  • Digital channels like text messaging for proactive patient communications
  • Live video/telemedicine to connect with medical staff and photo sharing for easier diagnosis and follow-up
  • Collaboration tools such as conferencing, chat, and messaging allow medical staff to communicate securely and remotely
  • Omnichannel routing to determine optimal availability of staff and segment patients
  • Anytime/anywhere communications over multiple channels for staff and doctors
  • HIPAA compliance to meet the highest levels of security
  • Measure and improve patient satisfaction with quality management
  • Call and screen recording for quality management purposes
  • Unified agent desktop for easy-to-access patient information

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Bright Pattern’s enterprise customers benefit from a multitude of enterprise-grade features, including active-active disaster recovery, custom telco-provider selection, scalability to 15,000+ agents, multinational deployment, and continuous availability with nondisruptive, on-the-fly updates.  From a customer experience standpoint, Bright Pattern’s true omnichannel capabilities allow enterprises and customers to have a seamless, effortless conversation across channels such as voice, chat, email, video, IVRs,  and bots or “on-the-go” mobile channels like text message, messengers, or in-app communication.

“We are happy to provide our enterprise contact center software to one of the most innovative and customer-centric healthcare corporations in the world,” said Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern. “More and more innovative companies are turning to Bright Pattern. It is not only unicorn start-ups who have selected Bright Pattern but large companies who are also facing disruption, such as this innovator in healthcare. Bright Pattern, in combination with a leading partner, will help them continue down their path of disruption and bring new innovation to the healthcare industry and better care to their customers.”

For more information on how Bright Pattern helps healthcare enterprises provide patients with omnichannel communications across traditional and modern digital channels, click here.

About Bright Pattern
Bright Pattern provides the simplest and most powerful contact center software for innovative midsize and enterprise companies. With the purpose of making customer service brighter, easier, and faster than ever before, Bright Pattern offers the only true omnichannel cloud platform that can be deployed quickly and nimbly by business users. Bright Pattern allows companies to offer an effortless, personal, and seamless customer experience across channels like voice, text, chat, email, video, messengers, and bots. The company was founded by a team of industry veterans who pioneered the leading contact center solutions and today are delivering an architecture for the future with an advanced cloud-first approach. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution is used globally in over 26 countries and 12 languages.

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