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What is Power Dialer vs Auto Dialer?

Learn The Difference Between Power Dialer and Auto Dialer

What’s a Better Dialer For Your Needs?

Dialer phones let you quickly contact potential customers. They also increase the efficiency of your calls by automatically calling your potential customers. It allows you to reach more people quicker and this will lead to greater sales. Simple enough. So, What kind of phone dialer do you get? What Is Power Dialer Vs Auto Dialer? Let’s take a look at two primary kinds of dialers for phones that are available: Power Dialers or Auto Dialers. This will help you select the best dialer.

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Power Dialer?
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  • What Is An Auto Dialer?
  • How Does Auto Dialer Software Work?
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Auto Dialer?
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What is Power Dialer vs Auto Dialer

What is the Power Dialer and Auto Dialer? A power dialer could be described as an advanced version or an autodialer. Auto dialers automatically place calls for you and connect with those who aren’t accessible by leaving messages on the phone or sending text messages. Power dialers are software applications that let you make calls outgoing without having to manually enter every number. It works by recording your voice later playing it back over the phone line when required. You can set specific times at which the power dialer will make calls and stop calling at specific times of day or night.

What is a Power Dialer?

Power dialers automatize the process of preparing and dialing the next caller for the agent. When an agent is finished with a call it is a power dialer that calls the next number from your data, eliminating any time that is lost between the conclusion of one call and the beginning of the next. The power dialer can call multiple numbers simultaneously for each agent, and then connects with the agent only when the user responds to the call. Power dialing, however, does not adjust the dial volume at will, in contrast to Predictive Dialing.

Agents who complete a call without a power dialer are left to look for their next location and then dial them. This causes a delay between calls. Although this may seem like an insignificant amount of time, overall data shows a huge difference. No matter if you run a large business or just a handful of agents and the minutes, hours, and seconds quickly become. It can result in substantial losses over the course of.

The losses can be nearly eliminated with the help of power dialing technology.

How Does A Power Dialer Work?

A power dialer will dial the next number on the list of contacts if it comes across an unreachable, busy or untended number. When a caller responds to the call it immediately connects them to one of your call center representatives.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Power Dialer?

There are numerous advantages as well as disadvantages in using Power dialers. Let’s look in-depth at each.

Advantages of a Power Dialer

  • Prospects are always able to talk to live sales representatives. There will be no delay in the call’s beginning.
  • Effectiveness of dialing. Contacting potential customers with live agents is much easier when using power dialers. Once an agent is ready the power dialer will call the next prospect.
  • Simple CRM integration. Power dialers are equipped with a CRM system that integrates with numerous popular CRM programs which makes it simple to search, sort and divide your contacts.

Power dialers also have some useful features like:

  • Playing testimonials during your sales call. For instance, you could use a testimonial recorded from a client to use as an instrument for sales while you’re in complete control.
  • You can record a message for a voicemail of a potential customer in order to deliver the message you desire in just one click.
  • You can skip past the voicemail of each potential customer so that you don’t need to listen to it, or wait for the beep to drop your message.
  • Sending out emails based on call’s outcome, to boost outbound prospecting efficiency and effectiveness every call can be ended with a fully personalized email sent in just a few seconds.

Disadvantages of a Power Dialer

  • You reach fewer prospects than auto dialers. Power dialing is focused on having a live rep for every moment of every call, so no calls can be made when agents are not busy.
  • They connect less qualified prospects to sales reps. Since this is not the case with power dialers, no action takes place when using power dialers, sales reps speak to more leads that have no interest in their service or product.

An auto dialer is a computer or software program that can automatically dial numbers to determine if the call has been answered by an answering machine or person, and then leaves an answer or transfers the call to an agent. Let’s talk about how it feels to receive an automatic dialer..

What is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is a computer or software program that can automatically dial numbers to determine if the call has been answered by an answering machine or person, and then leaves an answer or transfers the call to an agent.

Let’s talk about how it feels to receive an automatic dialer.

  1. If you receive a call from a phone number you don’t recognize. If you decide to answer the phone with a “Hello?” is met by a brief pause.
  2. Surprised, the person at the other end of this line isn’t even a human being. Instead an automated voice announces that the applicant has been approved for a credit card.
  3. You drop the phone and regret ever picking it up. This is what an auto dialer sounds like.

While the auto dialer isn’t ideal for establishing a connection with potential clients, let’s go deeper into its advantages and drawbacks.

How does Auto Dialer Software work?

Automating your dialing system is straightforward. All you need is dialer software, a computer , and a voice modem to set up an automated dialing system. VoIP is practical because the modem can be thrown away. The software that handles auto-dialing tells the computer which numbers to dial and what to do if it receives unidentified calls (such as busy signals or auto voicemail).

Furthermore, the software decides the number to dial and how long to talk before the phone system connects. Phones are answered generally in 25 seconds, which is the equivalent of the time it takes for a four-ringed phone to ring 4 times. Calls that are not answered are sent to voicemail. The busy signals are also ignored.

A dialing system makes use of the following key technologies:

Voice broadcast

This system is used primarily to make sales and marketing calls. They work by auto-dialing using a prerecorded voice message. Marketing companies can cut costs by using pre-recorded messages instead of live operators for their sales pitch.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Callers can get information without having to speak with an agent. Clients can reach specific departments or specialists using the touch-tone keypad, or dial 0. An effective IVR system will increase customer satisfaction and the credibility of the customer service department. This system will help you reach your goals for KPIs.

Answering machine detection

This setting determines whether a machine answers the call or if it’s answered by a human. Users can choose which action to take when the machine responds to their call. You need to be able to detect the machine in at least five seconds to accomplish this. You can choose whether to turn off the phone or continue to play your message to your customers’ mailboxes if a machine is found.

Call routing

When it detects an answering system or a person when it detects an answering system or a person, the software responds in a manner that is appropriate. It puts calls on hold and then distributes them to agents. Contact centers utilize call routing to manage high volumes of incoming calls and calls, in contrast to call forwarding.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Auto Dialer?

Auto dialers have many advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s take an in-depth look at each one.

Advantages of an auto dialer

Reduced agent idle time

Predictive dialers are a great way to cut down on your agents’ idle time by scheduling the next call for them to take, even before they wrap up the current call.

Less manual effort

An automatic dialer system saves agents from spending a lot of time on manual dialing by bulk-dialing numbers in their database of callers continuously and in a sequential manner. When the contact list is at its limit when calling is completed the software for auto dialers notifies the supervisor who will then plan outbound call activities in accordance with.

Efficient lead conversion 

Agents can focus on the most valuable leads using auto dialers that preview. They are equipped with all the data they require regarding each lead in advance. The information is used by agents to engage with their customers and customize each phone call, which converts leads of high value efficiently into sales.

Improved operational efficiency

Automated dialer software minimizes blocking factors like long waiting periods as well as misdialing, redirects and drop calls — substantially improving the efficiency of your operation. Auto dialers identify busy signals, voicemails and disconnected numbers, ensuring that only connected calls are directed directly to agents. This could increase your call connect rate.

Campaign management

Companies can handle multiple outbound marketing campaigns at the same time by using intelligent auto dialers. Decision-makers can generate reports in real-time — for individual campaigns or holistically — and then adjust the reports automatically to meet particular requirements, like the time zones of campaigns or CRM software integrations.

Disadvantages of an Auto Dialer

Increases agent headcount

Contact centers must have enough agents to leverage auto dialers to their full potential, including predictive dialers which dial numbers without considering the availability of agents.

Errors in detecting calls accurately

Auto dialers can detect disconnected phones and answering machines, however they might not be able to distinguish between pre recorded human voices or messages from answering machine machines. In the end, answering machines and voice messages are sometimes directed to live agents, which reduces their efficiency.

Predictive algorithms can falter

A predictive dialer employs specialized algorithms to identify when the customer is in a position to take an in-person call, however it isn’t always able to verify the agent’s availability. If calls are made by the auto dialer on behalf of agents having queues that are clogged, the entire exercise of outbound calling becomes unproductive.

Final thoughts

While auto dialers employ the same message for all and power dialers permit sellers to tailor messages to the specific prospects according to research and notes from previous calls or any other information that is visible within the dial window. That means personalized pitches and better interactions.

A reliable power dialer is an excellent option if you’re looking to build better connections with your leads and make them paying customers.


There are 5 Types of Dialer : 

  • Auto Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
  • Power Dialer

When we must determine the amount of calls outbound to make and when to call another agent based on availability then the term “predictive” is utilized. This is a different type of technology that is used in call centers, particularly large ones that rely on it when dealing with thousands of customers each day for lead generatio

While auto dialers are noted for effectively managing the workload through the assignment of connected calls to the available agents, predictive dialers are the favored option for campaigns that seek to maximize connectivity. A team with less than eight employees or campaigns with small contact lists can use an auto dialer. Predictive dialer software is perfect for teams that have more than eight agents as well as campaigns that are characterized by high call volume and quick turnaround times.

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