Common Pitfalls Companies Face When Going Through a Digital Transformation

On June 4th, Bright Pattern joined Frost and Sullivan’s Global Vice President of Digital Transformation, Alpa Shah, for a webinar on achieving excellence in CX with AI and omnichannel quality management. Alph shared that in their most recent survey, improving customer experience and satisfaction was the #1 business goal for 2020. Digital transformation was cited as a primary means for achieving CX success for those surveyed. But there are many common pitfalls that companies face when going through a digital transformation. Ted Hunting, SVP of Marketing at Bright Pattern, went through some of these pitfalls as well as some solutions to provide a more seamless journey through digital transformation.

View the on-demand webinar for all digital transformation best practices.

Ted shared that the most common mistake is that most companies try to add new channels too quickly. When adding new channels, companies often implement new, separate technology for each new channel, creating silos that make it harder for agents to perform day to day responsibilities. Siloed solutions also prevent companies from providing a seamless and effortless customer experience across all channels.

Ted’s Top Tips for Omnichannel Digital Transformation:

    • Start with your top channels – “Don’t try to boil the ocean,” said Ted. “Don’t get sucked in and drown in the omnichannel ocean. Get your top two channels working as one omnichannel conversation first. If your top two channels are web and voice, make sure customers can effortlessly switch between online chat and phone calls with your agents.”
    • Keep your eye on future channels – Add other channels later, but look at a contact center platform that will meet your future channel needs. Channels like video, text messaging, in-app, and social messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
    • Native Omnichannel – Channels that work together instead of creating silos is key for true effortless, personal omnichannel conversation and omnichannel metrics.
    • Artificial Intelligence – Embedded AI can automate tasks, help you offer new self-service channels, and assist agents.
    • Transformation in the cloud – Taking a cloud approach gives you the latest features and functionality. Cloud vendors deploy emerging channels as soon as they become popular, making you future proof.
    • Innovate with Tech – Some of these tips are impossible to implement without an innovative contact center platform. Look for technology that is built for the future that allows omnichannel conversations, omnichannel quality management, and artificial intelligence.

To download the full presentation or view the recorded webinar click here!

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