Companies Are Failing to Create and Measure Omnichannel Conversations

Consumers expect modern brands to offer effortless and personal customer journeys. Whether buying a new product on an online retail store or calling in for support on a high-tech electronic device, customers want to connect with their favorite companies over the digital channels they use in their personal day-to-day lives.

Adoption of digital channels continues to increase in US contact centers. 83% of contact centers in the US report using one or more channels in addition to their voice channel. But only 22% of contact centers offer seamless omnichannel conversations that allow customers to switch channels with ease and allow agents to work with all channels on a single unified agent desktop.


Companies are also failing to measure quality on the new channels they are adding into their channel mix. We reported in the 2019 Bright Pattern Omnichannel Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Trend Report that only 13% of companies currently measure the quality of all customer interactions on all channels.


This means poor customer interactions are falling through the cracks and companies are failing  to create and measure excellent omnichannel customer journeys.

Find out more about the current state of omnichannel and omnichannel quality management by downloading the 2019 Bright Pattern Omnichannel Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Trend Report.

The report examined the current state of US contact centers and asked executives about omnichannel conversations and omnichannel quality management. The survey included companies of all sizes and from all industries. Get your free copy today!

Bright Pattern Contact Center allows companies to communicate with customers over all popular channels with an easy-to-use omnichannel platform. In addition to omnichannel conversations, Bright Pattern gives companies the ability to measure quality assurance of all channels and 100% of interactions with our advanced quality management platform. By utilizing AI, sentiment, keyword search, and more, Bright Pattern’s advanced quality management platform helps quality managers streamline assurance so that no poor customer service interactions fall through the cracks.

About the author:
Previously Ted worked at Genesys where he led North America Marketing with over 15 years in the customer experience industry. Prior to that Ted worked for startups and enterprise software and hardware companies in all marketing functions. In addition to his CX experience, Ted has a background in business intelligence and large scale computing systems. Ted is a graduate of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with a marketing and finance background.

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