Figuring Out ROI in Your IT Service Management

In the IT service management industry, return-on-investment, or ROI, is important for many help desks, service management organizations, and enterprise service management organizations. Improving ROI in the help desk can help IT service management organizations save money, save time, and improve worker efficiency. This can be done through a number of different methods. Figuring out ROI and how much money you can save by doing this tasks can also be calculated, which we will delve into later on.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Automating routine tasks is one of the best ways to improve ROI and service management delivery in your IT help desk. Tasks that can be automated include things like password reset, incident creation and resolution, status updates, notifications, self-service, and more. Automation of tasks can be done using AI integrations from best-of-breed AI like Microsoft, Google, and IBM Watson. 


Routine, repetitive tasks are some of the biggest cost and time drains for help desks and service management organizations, and automating these routine tasks through the call center platform is one of the best ways to save time and money.

AI-Powered Platform

Omnichannel Platform

Another way to improve ROI in your help desk or call center is by utilizing an omnichannel platform that can connect your help desk with clients on any channel. An omnichannel platform allows your help desk or service management organization to connect with end users on any channel, including voice, email, text messaging, SMS, video, web chat, and messaging apps. With an omnichannel platform, your analysts and agents can also switch between any number of communication channels, making it a more seamless experience for both the end users and your analysts.

An omnichannel platform can help improve both the performance of your agents and the satisfaction of the end user, improving ROI in your help desk.

Fully Omnichannel

How to Calculate ROI in Your Help Desk

Calculating ROI in the help desk and how much you can save with the right platform is easy. With Bright Pattern’s ROI calculator, you can see how much your help desk can save by switching to the right platform. For example, Bright Pattern has helped the world’s largest HR service firms, Randstad, save over $400,000 in costs in only one month. 

Check to see how much your help desk can save with the ROI calculator.

ROI Calculator
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